Costco Sells Its Buttery Pound Cakes In Packs Of Three Because One Cake Is Never Enough

Joseph Neese
Photo credit: @ costco_doesitagain - Instagram
Photo credit: @ costco_doesitagain - Instagram

From Delish

When it comes to desserts, the bigger the better. And the Coscto bakery never fails to deliver with an endless array of absolutely massive sweets such as two-pound red velvet cakes and three-pound cookies. If you prefer your desserts pre-portioned like me (because I have no self-control), you can also get a four-pack of chocolate lava cakes that come in their own reusable ceramic pots.

Instagrammer @costco_doesitagain has also spotted butter pound cakes in packages of three on shelves at the bulk retailer. That means you get not one, not two, but three entire pounds of your favorite cake. Even better than the amount of cake is the price: All of that buttery pastry costs only $7.99.

People absolutely raved about the recent find in the comments section of the post, with one dubbing it the "best pound cake EVER." There were also lots of great suggestions for how to kick the experience of eating a slice of pound cake up a notch. It's "perfect with Costco's vanilla ice cream" and "makes for the best strawberry shortcake bread," two fans wrote.

If pound cake isn't your thing, Costco has you covered. It's only been what, like, five seconds since the retailer released a new dessert? You can also try their giant tubs of brownie and cookie dough that can be eaten raw or baked into delicious sweets. Or, if you're looking for an adult treat, Costco is also selling pre-made Jell-O shots that come in party packs of 24 cups, so clear some space in your fridge ASAP.

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