Costco Is Selling a Stunning 4-Piece Mango Wood Serving Set, and Shoppers Are Rushing to Grab It


Finding the perfect serving vessel for our culinary masterpieces can be a tricky task. Not for lack of options, but sometimes, you just need something with a certain je ne sais quoi. Thankfully, Costco has plenty of choices when it comes to serveware, and there’s guaranteed to be a set that fits your unique taste.

If your style is understated and timeless, they’ve got you covered. Looking for something with a little more color? They’ve got that too! With all of these options available (and at such great prices), we might just have to grab one of everything.

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Be it a bold set of bowls or a simple collection of dishes, the bulk grocer is sure to have just the thing you need and then some. But if you find yourself having to choose and can’t decide between one style or the other, the retailer’s newest offering might be just the thing you’re looking for.

A stunning set of mango wood and enamel serving bowls made its way to our feeds via @costcowins, and we’ve already added the gorgeous set to our shopping list.

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The Mesa Inspired Living Mango Wood 4-Piece Serving Set features three beautiful bowls and a coordinating serving tray, all coated with a gorgeous enamel interior in various patterns. While each piece features a colorful and vibrant interior, the exterior of the bowls and tray are made of rich mango wood, which contrasts the inner basin beautifully.

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The stunning set might look like a million bucks, but you can grab a box for the incredibly low price of $24.99. If you’re keeping track, that works out to just $6.25 per piece! Whether you choose to use them as the backdrop for your meticulously curated  board or simply put them on display, these certifiable works of art are too good to pass up.

If you’re not in the market for serving bowls, Costco has continued to stock up on perfectly giftable items this season. From a 15-piece measuring cup set to a glass top warming tray, the retailer is bound to have something for everyone on your list this year.

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