Everyone I Meet Is Obsessed With My Daughter's Raincoat - and We Got It at Costco

Maggie Panos
·1 min read

Costco, celebrated home of Restoration Hardware dupe sofas, 4-pound fudge brownies, and impossibly cheap fiddle-leaf fig trees, is now selling the world's cutest raincoat (in select locations, of course). The bulk store may not be known for their fashionable clothing, but I dare you to tell me this ombré raincoat isn't the fuggin' cutest thing you've ever seen. The pastels! The easier-than-buttons-seriously-f*ck-buttons zipper! The hood your kid will refuse to wear!

The Western Multicolor Chief Kids' Rain Jacket ($17) is actually made by the same brand that sells my daughter's favorite glitter boots, and it comes in sizes 3T through 7. It's not actually available via Western Chief's website (rude), but you can order it directly from Costco. I would suggest making a trip in-person, though, as the rainy season is only two more months!