Costco Is Selling a Massive Chocolate Easter Bunny and Shoppers are Losing It

Easter may still be two months away, but that doesn't mean it’s too early to gear up for the holiday. And if anyone knows a thing or two about getting prepped for any type of big day, it’s going to be Costco, with their endless aisles of every day supplies and seasonal treats alike.

Nothing screams larger than life like a packed Costco Warehouse on a busy afternoon, so it only makes sense that the retail giant would bulk up its selection ahead of any major holiday. And after a recent discovery was shared to Instagram by Costco Hot Finds in which a giant 2-foot tall chocolate bunny became available for members to purchase, it seems like the bulk warehouse club is keeping it business as usual.

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Retailing for a whopping $63.99, the Rochef Chocolatier Large Easter Bunny is a 4.4-pound, 2-foot tall, hollow, milk chocolate snack that is both peanut and gluten free. This behemoth of a chocolate bunny is referred to by Costco Hot Finds as the “cutest thing ever” and one of the “best chocolates I’ve ever eaten,” which is saying a lot considering most chocolate bunnies have a mediocre flavor at best. But the flavor is, of course, not the only concern consumers have with the seasonal treat; It’s the size of it that is most overwhelming.

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“You know that thing is going right in the trash after 3 bites and sitting out for 3 weeks not getting eaten,” one commenter joked regarding the insane size of the bunny. And although this is a major concern for anyone purchasing such a large piece of chocolate —  albeit hollow or not — one user chimed in to offer a helpful solution to the problem. “You can break it and keep it in your freezer to make desserts or just eat it when you’re craving chocolate. It’s good for at least a year," they said.

The same commenter also noted that the Rochef brand, which is located in Gatineau, Canada, is actually “really good quality chocolate.” And in response to one user questioning whether the giant chocolate bunny would be available in Canada, another commenter confirmed the possibility, but not without also making it clear that Rochef is actually “fantastic chocolate.”

It seems as though the knee-jerk reaction to chocolate bunny is that the quality is going to be less than desired. But if you have a spare $64 and a large family willing to go in on the experiment, Rochef might turn out to be one brand that can successfully make a tasty chocolate treat to catch us all by surprise this Easter.

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