Costco’s Packs Of French Macarons Will Make Anyone Feel Fancy

Kelly Allen

From Delish

If you fancy a French macaron or two every now and then, get this: Costco is selling 36-packs of French macarons that are sure to satisfy any cravings you have.

The Costco-obsessed Instagram account @costco_empties shared a photo of the delightful treats made by a brand Tipiak. The sweet meringue-based confections come in packs of 36 and feature six flavors: lemon, raspberry, pistachio, blood orange, blueberry, and white chocolate. The limited-edition packs include six macarons of each flavor that are neatly organized in light blue boxes with the Eiffel Tower and pink flowers on them.

The best part of these macarons is that the packs normally go for $14.79 but they're on sale right now until June 28 for $10.79, according to the Instagram account. French macaron fanatics know how expensive individual macarons can be at around $2 to $3 a pop. With or without this sale, you’d pay less than 50 cents per macaron. What a steal! The packs are available to buy in all United States and Canada Costco locations.

People who have reviewed the macarons say they are the best value and taste ratio. "If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out...and well if you know, then you know," one Instagram user shared. The minimal reviews out so far seem to be unanimous, so those who eat macarons a lot or need a sweet treat on hand 24/7 should look into buying a few of these.

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