What Is 'Costco Next' & Can It Really Save You Thousands Of Dollars?

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Costco already sells so many things we didn’t know we needed. And the warehouse also has a somewhat-hidden service lurking in plain sight: Costco Next. Never heard of it? We hadn’t either until very recently, even though the service has apparently been around since 2017.

Simply put, Costco Next is an extension of Costco’s already wide inventory, giving you exclusive discounts on other brands outside of Costco. Best of all, all you need to access all the benefits of Costco Next is a Costco membership. There are no extra fees or anything!

What Is Costco Next?

Think of Costco Next as a service where you can get outside brands at Costco prices, often at a deep discount. By using Costco Next, you can purchase directly from specific brands, which will then carry out your order. The items available on Costco Next cover a wide variety of categories, like camping gear, portable sheds, kitchen tools, and beauty products. Spoiler: you can even get a casket on Costco Next.

It’s pretty handy when you think about it. Costco Next maximizes the already large warehouse retailer’s XXL inventory. One could think of Costco Next as Costco’s attempt at Amazon-ifying its inventory, in a way.

What Brands Can You Find On Costco Next?

The brands and suppliers Costco Next features are always changing, but there are plenty of deals to be found, whether you’re looking for new luggage, pet (and human) clothing, or products to help out on that home improvement project you’ve been meaning to finish. Here are just a few of the brands you’ll find on Costco Next:

-Viking Cookware
-Cangshan Cutlery
-Body Glove Watersports
-Anker Charging
-Klymit Camping Gear
-Golden Arowana Floors
-butter London
-Briggs & Riley Luggage
-Gorilla Playsets
-Lorex Security Equipment

Is Costco Next Worth It?

We say it’s worth trying out. Costco Next does not cost any extra. All you need is your Costco membership information to log in, and then you can start ordering through outside brands’ websites.

From there, it really depends if the brands have what you’re looking for (which, as you can tell, is a somewhat mixed bag). Some Reddit users have said they’ve saved a pretty penny on hair products, plants, battery packs, and chargers.

While this service sounds great, there are some potential snags to consider:

  • You can’t simply return Costco Next purchases to Costco, nor does Costco offer customer service for those purchases. You would need to return items to the retailer that fulfilled the order.

  • You have to search the Costco Next items website by website. You can’t simply scroll through all the products available on the Costco website.

  • Per Costco’s website, Costco Next purchases do not qualify for certain member benefits, like Costco Executive Member benefits or the 2% reward calculation.

  • You’ll need to double-check order minimums on each website, so as to not undercut those discounts and savings.

But if you’re on the search for a new playground, surf gear or yes, a casket, Costco Next might just save you a lot of money.

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