The New Costco Frozen Treat Customers Call a 'Must-Try'

Think ice cream sandwiches, but fancier.

Costco just keeps hitting it out of the park when it comes to sweet treats. Over the summer, the warehouse store introduced or brought back many delicious bakery items, including the fan-favorite peanut butter pie, the 4-pound Key lime pie, and mini lemon cakes.

Now, Costco's newest freezer-section treat caught our eye and the eye of Instagram’s Costco Buys who recently posted about it. It takes the form of an ice cream sandwich, but fancier. We’re already planning our next Costco run, hoping we can snag some for ourselves since there are still several weeks of warm weather ahead.

Costco’s New Gelato Macaron Sandwiches

French macaron cookies have been a hot commodity at bakeries everywhere recently. The soft cookies with crispy edges are filled with a creamy center. Costco’s newest iteration substitutes the creamy center of the French cookie with one of Italy’s best creations ever—gelato.

Together, the two ingredients create the ice cream sandwich of our grown-up dreams, even though we do still love the OG ice cream sandwich made with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies.

Costco is selling Gelato Macaron Sandwiches in boxes of 16 for $15.79. Inside the box are eight chocolate macarons with chocolate gelato and eight raspberry macarons with vanilla gelato swirled with raspberry sauce.

Costco Fans React to the Newest Frozen Treats

Costco Buys followers were mostly excited about the gelato-macaron mashup. “Those look deeelish!” one excited follower said. Another exclaimed, “I MUST TRY.”

Not everyone was excited. Traditional macarons are made with almond flour only, not wheat flour. But the ingredients on the box show that these contain wheat, therefore they’re not gluten free. “Thought I finally found gluten free ice cream sandwiches but they put wheat flour in the macrons,” said one disappointed follower.

We can understand the disappointment because they really do look "deeelish." If you’re following a gluten-free diet, you can always try your hand at homemade macarons and stuff them with any gelato flavor you fancy.