The New Costco Food Court Sandwich Is Already Starting Drama

It looks like a new food court is coming soon to a Costco near you, but so far, it hasn't received the warmest welcome.

In a Reddit thread shared earlier this week, an image of an alleged new Costco food court sandwich menu was uploaded. The post includes the image of a sandwich and the words "New Item: Turkey & Swiss Sandwich." There's also a description that says that the sandwich will feature brown turkey, Swiss cheese, and sun dried tomato spread on a roll.

News of the sammie has also popped up elsewhere on social media with more details. An Instagram post from @costcoinsider notes that the sandwich will be available toward the end of February.

Given that Costco has reportedly been removing its controversial roast beef sandwich from food courts across the country, it's possible that the turkey and swiss sandwich will serve as the roast beef's replacement.

But there are some concerns from customers about the potential cost of the new sandwich. It's said to be $6.99, which is cheaper than the roast beef sandwich, but food court lovers are not impressed.

"Why is it so hard to make a sandwich $4.99? Is it $6.99 to make up for some of the lost revenue from the hot dog? Just a sandwich by itself at Costco should be $4.99," read one comment on Reddit.

Others feel that the sandwich loses much of its appeal if it's not heated or toasted in some way.

"If it's not going through a panini press I don't think most people will be interested," another user claimed.

Other comments from Costco critics include:

"Gonna be dry af guaranteed screw that roll."

"Can we just have French fries like Costcos around the world?"

"I used to be excited about Costco's food court. Like I was and am about Taco Bell. Then overtime, started with the removal of the polish dog, I've lost interest. Now it reminds [me] of Subway. They keep making changes but it is hurting — not helping."

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