Costco’s Food Court Now Sells Ice Cream Sundaes to Fuel Your Next Shopping Trip

Photo credit: Instagram @costcostrong; @carlitosm75
Photo credit: Instagram @costcostrong; @carlitosm75

From House Beautiful

Yes, Costco is great for its bulk items and killer deals, but who can possibly resist making a pitstop at the food court? The prices are so good that you almost feel guilty if you don’t pick up something to eat or drink. Just in time for summer, Costco’s food court is now selling ice cream sundaes.

Costco has had nonfat yogurt in vanilla, chocolate, and swirl flavors for quite some time now. The Very Berry Sundae, made with vanilla frozen yogurt and strawberries, has also been a favorite. However, frozen yogurt and ice cream are not the same, and sometimes froyo just won’t cut it. So we know we’re not the only ones who are happy that Costco is in the soft-serve ice cream game.

Various Instagram accounts have posted pictures of signs about the new offerings this month, with the majority being spotted over the last day or two. So if you hit up a Costco this weekend, you just might find them on the menu as well.

According to the signs, you can order a vanilla Ice Cream Cup (or waffle cone at some locations) for $1.99 or an Ice Cream Sundae, which consists of vanilla ice cream in a cup with strawberry topping or chocolate topping, for $2.49.

As much we love Costco’s frozen yogurt, ice cream tends to be more creamy, so we’re excited to see how the food court’s new sweets pass the taste bud test. One sundae with chocolate topping coming right up!

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