The New Costco Dinner Kit That Has Shoppers Riled Up

Costco Warehouse

In terms of ready-made meals, not many retailers can come close to the quantity versus quality ratio that Costco achieves. Between the internet famous rotisserie chicken, last year's highly sought after Cannelloni with Butternut Squash and Sausage and the wildly popular cocktail shrimp platter, finding dinner on-the-go is no issue when you’re a Costco membership holder.

But not everything can be a hit when you’re dulling out one fan-favorite creation after the next. And Costco’s latest ready-made offering is earning itself a mixed bag of opinions online. Considering the extremely low price point, however, it still might be worth a taste test despite some of the concerned reviews.

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Just last month, customers began spotting a new burger kit at some Costco locations across the country. At first glance, the kit seems to be one steal of a deal. Costco’s Bacon Cheddar Burger Kits include four pre-cooked burger patties that have bacon and cheddar cheese mixed into the ground beef. Included along with the patties is green leaf lettuce, sliced tomatoes, red onions and four slices of cheddar cheese. Two sides of Costco's special burger sauce—which is reported as tasting like a mix of Dijon mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup—are also included in the kit, too.

The kit costs $6.49 per pound, which equates to somewhere around $18 per kit. But the price isn’t exactly what has some customers up in arms over the deal.

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One commenter online was quick to get to the bottom of the new ready-made kit, asking the important questions like, “Are they fully cooked and frozen? Or raw? Or what’s happening?”

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The author behind the post, Laura of Costco Hot Finds, promptly responded letting readers know that the burgers are in fact “pre-cooked,” to which another reader replied, “That’s absolutely awful. Cooked burgers that are refrigerated are tough and greasy.”

Unfortunately, Costco’s new burger kit's shortcomings do not stop there. There are no buns in sight, so customers will have to snag a bag of buns on their way to the checkout counter if they intend on serving up their burgers correctly. “Ah yes, 4 burger patties to go with the 24-pack of buns they sell,” one commenter slighted.

As with most ready-made meals, the name of the game is convenience. So if there is a dip in quality, you cannot really be that mad because you chose convenience over quality. The point of a grocery store is to have something for everyone, and it honestly doesn’t take much imagination to come up with a scenario where these burger kits could come in handy. Otherwise, just stick to making burgers yourself and you’ll probably save money and enjoy the taste so much more.

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