Costco Customers Are Shocked By Their $19 Popular New Pie

costco storefront red and blue lettering blue sky sign
costco storefront red and blue lettering blue sky sign

Costco is well-known for their delicious and varied pie offerings, and the wholesale chain just debuted a brand new ‘Four Berry Pie.’ As always whenever the department store brand releases a new bakery item, many fans are expressing their excitement at the idea of trying the new treat, which features four fruits: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries. Others are continuing to note how “shocked” and “surprised” they are by the pie’s whopping $19 price.


Costco Fans Divided Over New ‘Four Berry Pie’ Price

On May 6th, popular Instagram account @costcohotfinds uploaded a video that showed the creator slicing into the pie, revealing its inside contents and explaining the ingredients. In the comment section, many fans became divided over its price, and whether the pie was “worth the cost” or not after trying it.

In the post caption, the account owner wrote, “It’s the brand NEW Four Berry Pie in the Costco Bakery!!! It has blueberries, raspberries, strawberries & cranberries in it. I warmed mine up with a scoop of ice cream and it was delectable!!!” Commenters who tried the new Costco dessert also described it as “yummy” and “so delicious.”



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Others marveled over its $19 price, with one follower writing, “Awww it looks so good but $19!?” as another added, “Sticker shock with that one for sure!” Someone else chimed in: “That inflation is crazy!” regarding the cost. “Just wish it was smaller and more cost effective,” one commented as another Costco fan said, “Yeah it looks delicious but $19 is a bit pricey for a pie in my opinion.”

One other user defended the price, writing, “I see so many comments about the price. This pie is HUGE and honestly.. berries are expensive! I think this is a great price tbh,” as another agreed, noting, “when you go out to a restaurant and pay $12 a piece [for pie] this is a bargain.”



Ultimately, as one Costco devotee pointed out in the comments, this is apparently a “giant pie easily serves 12 people,” which could work for summer picnics, work gatherings or other shared events, meaning its cost (and the fact that it could be split, too!) might “make more sense” when keeping that in mind.