Costco Adds A 700-Calorie Cookie To The Food Court As Fans React–'I'm More Offended By The Price Than The Calories'

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costco sign

Yet another amazing perk of a Costco membership is access to their food court—who doesn’t love a snack while shopping? Costco just added a new item to their food court menu, and it’s sparked quite the debate between customers. While everyone can agree that their new Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie is definitely delicious, what people can’t get over is the calorie count! Coming in at 750 calories, this cookie has more calories than most people consume in an entire meal. Keep reading for more information.

Costco's Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Brought to you by Kirkland, Costco's signature brand, this cookie is served warm, made with brown butter and both bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate chunks. It costs $2.49, which can seem like a lot for a cookie, especially considering you can get a whole meal at the Costco food court for $3.99, but if you think about it in the context of Crumbl Cookies or Insomnia Cookies, where one cookie can cost nearly $5, it's not so bad.


Plus, the cookie is the size of a grapefruit, at least in diameter. They're exceptionally thick as well, and even though it's coming in at 750 calories, customers are reporting that it actually tastes really good. Well, it should, for the amount of calories it has.

Costco Customers Debate Over New Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Redditer @DailyWaffleBlog started a thread last month to discuss the new food court menu addition, posting pictures of the cookie and offering their thoughts. "It's a chonky cookie," they said. "Good amount of good tasting chocolate. They're pushing the 'all butter' here, the ones in the bakery say canola or palm oil." His post sparked a lot of responses—the thread now has nearly 200 comments.


"Is that 750 calories for a single cookie? Holy s***," one user commented.


"This is definitely my type of cookie, but holy smokes," another said.


"I'm shocked you can even get 750cals into this thing."


"That is an absurd amount of calories for a snack," wrote a third person.


But others were more focused on the price, than the calories. "It should be 50 cents to a dollar," one person wrote. "2.50 for a cookie doesn't add up."


"For $2.50 they should be offering ice cream on top," another person suggested.


"I'm more offended by the price than the calories," a final customer commented.