Costco’s $15 Holiday Kitchen Towel Sets Will Help You Decorate on a Budget

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Costco has plenty of holiday decorations at low prices this season. One popular pick this winter are their holiday towel sets, which come with eight towels in four patterns per set. These colorful dish towels bring a little extra holiday cheer to your kitchen, but also help to serve as a holiday element that isn’t too overwhelming. 

There are several different colorful options available for purchase, from snowy gray designs to cherry red plaid sets. It’s impossible to pick just one favorite—the thoughtfully-designed towels are just similar enough that you could buy every set to mix and match. Best of all, the sets are available for just $15, which is under two dollars per towel. The sets currently boast a five-star rating on Costco’s website.



If you’re not a Costco member, these towels can still be found online for $20 instead of $15. They’re well worth the markup, since they’re a high-quality set of eight. As for other brands, Target and Kohl’s have some of the best holiday towel set options for the lowest prices, with several alternatives for Costco’s original set.

This pack of four tea towels is on sale for just $10 at Kohl’s right now, rivaling Costco’s non-member price. The plaid dish towel pack comes in two plaid patterns with one solid red and solid green towel as well. Their adorably soft two-pack sets are also on sale for just over $5, featuring many different patterns and designs. 



Target offers several single-towel and dish towel set options, with many different elegant colors and patterns to choose from. Their cheerful single towels are typically priced at around $3, while holiday sets of two can be found around $10. 



Holiday towels aren’t just limited to the kitchen, either—both Target and Kohl’s have holiday bathroom towels with winter prints and bold holiday colors. Costco is sticking to solid-color bathroom towels for now, with plenty of holiday colors to choose from. 

Other Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Tips

If you’re looking to continue decorating the rest of your space on a budget, you don’t need to purchase a wide selection of holiday products in order to give your home a holiday makeover. Just like with the many holiday towel set options, selecting just a few key items to decorate your space will help make it obvious that your home is ready for the holidays.

The towel sets give you several options for switching out your dish towels throughout the holiday seasons, or you can use the set to display in several areas all around your kitchen and home. 

Dish towels are a subtle swap that will allow you to trade out everyday items for a subtle yet eye-catching holiday look. Swapping out other items to decorate main rooms and gathering areas will help you efficiently decorate your home on a budget. Holiday blankets or throw pillows can also be found in sets of all shapes and colors, and many of these options will stay in style even after the season is over. 

Winter candles, faux floral arrangements, or brightly colored statement pieces (like vases, pictures, and artwork) are also items that can be found at low prices. These will last for the entire winter season, long past the holidays, but will still transform your space into the perfect setting for holiday gatherings. After all, there’s nothing that rings in a new season like switching out your candle scent.

The best way to go when decorating for the holidays on a budget is about more than just shopping sales (although that helps, too). Finding a holiday style that matches your budget is key. Holiday minimalism is a popular, elegant winter aesthetic that focuses on subtle holiday elements; think small garlands, bright berry displays, and bouquets of winter pine needles. These are all elements that are easy to make at home (or find in your yard) that will also keep your home’s holiday theme cohesive. 

If you’re looking to shop holiday towel sets and more decor, Costco’s many holiday items can be found in-store or online. Target and Kohl’s also offer their holiday towels and more online and in select stores.

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