Cosplaying kids wear incredible ‘Transformers’ costumes

Emerald Pellot

While visiting Ottawa Comic-Con in 2018, cosplayer Robby Eccleshall captured rare footage of real-life “Transformers.” 

OK, maybe not exactly. This definitely isn’t a clip of a sentient faction of modular robotic lifeforms, but it’s too darn cute. Three young cosplayers wore shapeshifting “Transformers” costumes to the event. When standing up the kids look the characters before they’ve changed. But when they huddle onto their knees the costumes convert into the characters’ vehicles.

“These little ones were amazing in their transformation! Definitely a show highlight!” Eccleshall wrote in the video caption

One dressed as Bumblebee and turns into the franchise’s the iconic yellow car, while another is dressed as Optimus Prime and converts to a Freightliner FL86 cab on a semi-truck. The third is sporting a Jetfire costume that turns into a plane.

The three kiddos posed on the sidewalk with pride for photos and videos. The elaborate (and adorable) costumes were undoubtedly welcome additions to the comic book convention. 

“This is unbelievable,” one Instagram user wrote

“I’m getting inspired,” another added

“I want adult ones,” one person commented

“Transformers” is a Japanese-American franchise co-created by Takara Tomy and Hasbro. It started as a line of toys in the 1980s then evolved into several cartoons, books and spin-off series in the 1990s. The franchise saw a resurgence in popularity when Michael Bay directed the first live-action film blockbuster in 2007.

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