When Will Coronavirus End? Many Americans Believe it Will Only Get Worse

Bianca Sanchez

As state and local politicians wrestle with whether or not to reopen schools, scale back reopening plans or implement new social distancing precautions, a new study found 44% of Americans believe the worst of the pandemic is still ahead. 

The Percentage of Adults at High Risk for Coronavirus Complications by State 

A recent Economist data study conducted by YouGov surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,500 U.S. adult citizens online between July 19 and July 21. Of the 1,500 survey participants, 44% believe the pandemic will get worse. Another 23% think we are in the worst of it currently and 18% believe the worst pandemic days are behind us. 

Of those surveyed, adults under 30 years old were less likely than any other age demographic to think the pandemic will worsen. Adults ages 45 to 64, on the other hand, were most likely to think the pandemic will turn even further for the worse. 

Survey participants who said they would vote for President Donald Trump during the 2020 presidential election and participants planning to vote for Joe Biden had opposing stances on the pandemic’s trajectory. Based on the survey, 5% of Biden supporters and 39% of Trump supporters believe the worst of the pandemic is behind us. According to study, 70% of Biden supporters think the pandemic will worsen in days to come, 18% of Trump supporters agree.

As the future of the pandemic remains unclear, previous data does suggest social distancing efforts taken back in March helped to save the lives of thousands in America's largest cities