Corelle Has New Special Edition Mickey Mouse Plates And They're Disney Fan Must-Haves

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From House Beautiful

Remember Pyrex’s special edition Mickey Mouse glass storage container collection? Well, Corelle is now selling plates to go with them so that more of your kitchenware can feature the iconic character.

The Corelle collection includes four 6.75-inch appetizer plates and four 8.5-inch lunch plates with varying vibrant Mickey designs on them. Some of the designs match the Pyrex Mickey collection designs perfectly, including plates that feature the black-and-white character with sayings like “Since 1928” and “The True Original” on them. The other designs, which still match the Pyrex collection, have Mickey’s whimsical saying “O boy!” or the phrase “Cool never stops” on them. Some of the plating options forgo any words and show the mouse in a single color–red, blue, yellow, or green–running in his sorcerer costume or simply standing tall.

Photo credit: Corelle
Photo credit: Corelle

Each of the plates is sold separately, so you can pick and choose which ones you prefer. The appetizer plates are $5 and the lunch plates (or salad plates as they're called on Corelle’s website) are $6 each. The collection is available while supplies last, and you know how quick products like that go–especially when they’re Disney-themed. If you have any of the Mickey Mouse Pyrex glassware pieces, it only makes sense that you get the plates to match. Sorry, I don’t make the rules! Disney does. And only true fans have at least one piece of every special edition Disney collection in existence, right?

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