Make this copycat Erewhon blue smoothie for less than the $17 price tag: 'It looks like a scented candle'

TikToker Bearenger (@bearenger) shared a copycat recipe for the viral $17 blue smoothie from health-food grocery chain Erewhon, and it’s as refreshing and aesthetically pleasing as the original, but without the steep price tag!

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Bearenger is a health and wellness content creator who shares videos of healthy and gorgeous recipes featuring a natural, minimalist aesthetic. Recently, Bearenger posted a copycat recipe for the viral $17 blue smoothie from swanky Los Angeles-based grocery chain Erewhon, made in partnership with influencer Marianna Hewitt (@marianna_hewitt), and it’s as pretty and tasty as the original, but at a fraction of the cost!

The clip opens with a shot from Hewitt’s original post highlighting the vibrant smoothie with varying blue hues.

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“I have been seeing this Erewhon smoothie everywhere. We’re going to make it,” Bearenger declares over footage of her getting down to business. She intently places a large blender on the counter before taking viewers through the process step by step.

Bearenger begins by adding frozen bananas, frozen pineapples, avocado, a scoop of almond butter, coconut cream, vanilla collagen, blue spirulina powder (bright blue-green algae), almond milk and agave to the blender.

Next, she thoroughly blends the ingredients, forming a thick, pale blue smoothie. Assembling the beverage looks similar to layering sand art at a carnival, making the process especially satisfying to watch.

First, Bearenger adds coconut cream to a large glass, followed by a layer of blue spirulina powder. She then pours in the smoothie and gently swirls the mix with a straw to create an attractive gradient.

Finally, Bearenger tops the beverage with another scoop of coconut cream. The finished product is a visually striking smoothie that is “definitely not $17” and, according to Bearenger, “tastes really good.”

“It looks like a scented candle”

Viewers were particularly taken by the smoothie’s aesthetic appeal.

“The color is too good,” one user complimented.

“Ok, now I have to make this,” announced one TikToker.

“It looks like a scented candle,” another viewer joked.

As Bearenger’s copycat recipe for Erewhon’s blue smoothie demonstrates, pretty, tasty and healthy can exist alongside budget-friendly when it comes to food.

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