Coperni Continues to Innovate and Elevate for FW24

Coperni's showcase is always one of the highlights of Paris Fashion Week, and for good reason. From spray-painting dresses onto Bella Hadid to debuting dog robots and CD player bags, there's always a unique innovation that stands out from the crowd.

This season, Coperni's Fall/Winter 2024 collection revolved around its newest creation, the new Air Swipe Bag: made up of 99% air, 1% glass and weighing just 33 grams. Crafted from NASA's nanomaterial silica aerogel, which happens to also be the lightest solid on planet Earth (also used by NASA to capture stardust), the material was developed by Professor Ioannis Michaloudis.

Alongside its future-facing Swipe silhouette, the collection merged classic silhouettes with contemporary trends, pairing sheened tights with trench coat bodysuits, space-age jackets and organza suiting.

Read on for Hypebae's summary of Coperni FW24. While you're here, check out what went down at Marine Serre's PFW show.


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WHERE: Coperni's futuristic FW24 took place in a large, all-black studio space, complete with a black large rectangle block in the middle. During the showcase, the room remained mostly pitch black, with small hints of camera flashes.

WHO: Cole Sprouse, Ryan Destiny and Aliyah were among some of the celebrity names in attendance this season.

SEE: Ziplock bags, star-shaped shoes and fur halos characterized Coperni's FW24 collection, paired with sheer suits, sequinned shirt dresses and ombre fur coats.

TOUCH: Glistening sequins, cozy fur and delicate, sheer fabrics were paired with chunky accessories and shiny vinyl boots. Denim looks featured fur trims, while ruched dresses, spliced cable knits and foiled dresses added texture and intrigue.

HEAR: Classical dramatic music soundtracked the captivating showcase.

TASTE: Coperni's new Air Swipe proves that innovation is the future of fashion, with an exploration of modern-day materials and repurposing of their original uses, the only way forward.