A Cop Quickly Borrowed a Bike From a Stranger to Catch a Fleeing Criminal

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A Cop Borrow a Bike to Catch a Fleeing Criminalpicture alliance - Getty Images

If a cop tried to commandeer your bike, would you let them? In Northumbria, UK, a fast-on-his-feet cop chased down a dangerous driver who had abandoned his car—by borrowing a bike from a nearby cyclist. And yes, the cyclist did get his bike back after the successful chase.

The Northumbria Police Facebook Page described the incident, complete with emojis: "A quick-thinking PC arrested a suspected dangerous driver who had fled on foot – after borrowing a bike from a kind passer-by. 🚲😃"

The incident happened at night when the cops spotted a dark-colored Skoda that was “of interest” driving in the Whitley Bay area in Northumbria. The driver refused to pull over, speeding away when the officers tried to stop him. But eventually, the driver decided a car chase wasn’t the best way to escape, stopped the car and ran off on foot.

“With the suspect having a head start, officers saw a member of the public nearby in possession of a bicycle—and asked if they could borrow it,” the Facebook post from the police department reads. (We appreciate that they mention the head start, lest jokes be made about the fitness of any of the officers in question.)

Clearly, the cycling cop had been doing threshold workouts, because “within minutes, the officer on two wheels caught up with a 49-year-old suspect who was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.”

As for the bike? “The bike was later gratefully returned to the member of the public,” the post states. “A big thanks to the Good Samaritan who allowed us to use their bike.”

This isn’t the first time a British cop has borrowed a bike mid-chase. For instance, this body cam footage from a chase in 2021 is both hilariously polite and bike-friendly, albeit very out of breath:

“Cheers, can I borrow your bike?” asks the cop in that video. Meanwhile, this CNN video captured an Atlanta cop chasing a murder suspect being a teensy bit more demanding of the passing cyclist—“Let me borrow your bike, man”—to get the bike back in 2020.

In all of these cases, the suspects were apprehended, which hopefully sends a message to police forces to add more bike patrols, or at least equip cop cars with bike racks for easy access!

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