The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets We Saw At The Inspired Home Show 2024

Nutr, FinaMill, and Crepe & Tortilla Maker
Nutr, FinaMill, and Crepe & Tortilla Maker - Static Media / Shutterstock

Some people may say that kitchen gadgets are a waste of counter space, but we couldn't disagree more. Good kitchen gadgets can open up a world of new food opportunities if you find the right ones. Have you ever wanted to make your own spice blend or conquer the challenge of making perfect crepes? Investing in worthwhile devices can take your cooking to a whole new level. Not every item fits into every person's life, but if you appreciate a good niche product, you probably have a soft spot for kitchen gadgets as well.

At The Inspired Home Show in Chicago this past weekend, the Daily Meal team checked out some of the coolest kitchen items currently on the market. We've compiled the most eye-catching gadgets we spotted so you can see them for yourself. The best part? Not only do these items zhuzh up your dishes in a way that's sure to impress, but they're super fun to use, too.

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FinaMill Battery Spice Grinder

FinaMill Grinders in various colors
FinaMill Grinders in various colors - Emma Segrest / Daily Meal

This spice grinder from FinaMill aims to amplify the flavor of spices in the boldest way possible. If you've ever wondered whether or not freshly grated cumin is better than the pre-ground stuff, you can now put your query to the test. So how does it work? First, you connect one of FinaMIll's FinaPod grinder mills to the device, then fill the pod with any spice you desire. You can even experiment with custom spice blends.

As FinaMill's marketing manager Louise Kemp elaborated, "Instead of having lots of different mills that grind different spices, this is only one, and it's quick and easy to change between spice pods." As Kemp further explained: "It's all done one-handed, it's so simple to use, it's got great versatility, and it looks amazing on your counter."The spice grinder can be purchased on the FinaMill website for $44.99.


Two Nutr pitchers
Two Nutr pitchers - Emma Segrest / Daily Meal

Plant milk has been all the rage for a while now -- you can now find plant-based options at almost every coffee shop, and dairy-free milk can even be used to make vegan ice cream. Making homemade plant milk may seem daunting, but the Nutr machine streamlines the process, leaving you with creamy, smooth vegan beverages in record time. Just add your plant-based ingredient of choice, water, and any other flavoring you desire, and the Nutr will blend all of these together to help you create a customized beverage.

"I think that this product is great for anyone who's lactose intolerant, vegan, or sustainable," as Nutr marketing representative Eugenia Hariyono explained. There's an altruistic element to purchasing a Nurtr, too, per Hariyono: "With each product that we sell, through our partnership with One Tree Planted, a tree is planted."This gadget can be purchased through the brand's website for $129.

Salton Crepe & Tortilla Maker

Crepe & Tortilla Maker in white
Crepe & Tortilla Maker in white - Emma Segrest / Daily Meal

Making crepes at home is generally considered a task for the even-tempered. The tactical process of making paper-thin crepes (all while managing not to rip or burn them) is far from simple. Fortunately, the Crepe & Tortilla Maker from Salton simplifies this process into an easy, fluid motion. Just lift the cordless griddle from its base, dip it into the batter, and then rotate the griddle portion left and right to ensure everything is evenly distributed. After your crepe (or tortilla) has cooked, lift it using the included spatula.

Carmelina Molinara, manager of social media and e-commerce at Salton, shared with Daily Meal why she believes this particular product continues to be a crowd-pleaser. "For the cordless crepe maker, one of the reasons I think it's stood the test of time is the ease of the cordlessness," she said. "You have free range of motion to dip it into the batter and use the included accessory to smooth it out and lift it."You can snag one of these Crepe & Tortilla Makers from Salton's website for $20.99.

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