Coolest Invention Ever: Portable Pods Let You Stay Anywhere in the World

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The coolest way to camp. (Photo: Ecocapsules)

If you want to transport yourself to the space age, here’s your chance. You may soon be able to set up camp in futuristic-looking portable egg-shaped pods — because, yes, they actually exist.

The pods, called Ecocapsules, were originally designed by architects in Bratislava, Slovakia, for people who stay in nature for a very long time, according to Daily Mail Online. Each one is 86 square feet and comes equipped with solar panels, a retractable wind turbine, a shower, a toilet, a sleeping area, and a kitchen. The pods, which can capture rainwater, also have a thick layer of efficient thermal insulation that keeps them properly heated.

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Camping out in the cold? No worries. The natural insulation will keep you nice and toasty. (Photo: Ecocapsules) 


The inside of the pod. (Photo: Ecocapsules) 

The architects soon realized that the 3,306-pound pods can be used by more than just nature enthusiasts. They can also be set up on the roofs of urban apartments to create more living space in cities. Additionally, they can come in handy for disaster relief, as they can be transported quickly to places where emergency shelter is needed after a natural disaster.

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Talk about a rooftop view! (Photo: Ecocapsules) 

The Ecocapsules are not available yet, but preordering will begin at the end of 2015, with delivery in the first half of 2016. 

The price is still in question, but the shipping cost from Slovakia is between $1,000 and $17,400. The pods will be on display at the Slovak pavilion at Expo 2015, the latest world’s fair, in Milan.

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Just camping under the stars. No big deal. (Photos: Ecocapsules)

The pods will no doubt be incredibly expensive, but for those who want to fuel their wanderlust — or, you know, survive the apocalypse — they just may be worth the investment. 

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