Stylish Bandanas for Men Are the Most Underrated Menswear Accessory, and They’re Perfect for Summer

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With summer rapidly approaching, there’s a particular accessory that shouldn’t be overlooked: the bandanas for men. A truly practical and versatile accessory, the bandana has grown to symbolize a plethora of eras and movements. In the United States, in particular, the bandana finds itself embedded in wartime, American identity, and even LGBTQ+ movements. But aside from the bandana’s deeper representations, it’s also just stylish as hell.

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In fact, we believe cool bandanas for men are one of the most underappreciated menswear accessories, and they’re both stylish and practical. With summer approaching, check out some of the best bandannas of the season below.


How to Wear & Style Bandanas

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to bandanas for men, and this accessory has the power to upgrade any look. Depending on what you’re going for, here are a few examples of how men’s bandanas could and should be worn:

  • Tie it around your neck as a triangular kerchief

  • Wrap your wrist for a fabric bracelet

  • Stick it in your back pocket and use it as a handkerchief

  • Style it as a headband to hold back your hair and collect that summer sweat

  • Neatly fold it into the breast pocket of your suit for a refined pocket square

man in bandana
man in bandana

While matching is usually always a must, there’s no reason to shy away from using this small but mighty accessory to make a statement. Like a bracelet or necklace, bandanas are an easy way to show a bit of personality.

If you’re looking to wear one of the best bandanas for men in the foreseeable future, check out our favorite picks below.


1. Levi’s Paisley 100% Cotton Men’s Cowboy Bandanas


When it comes to men’s bandanas, it’s hard to beat a true classic. The classic paisley bandana embodies both sides of the accessory: practicality and beauty. Have a try with a deep red, black or blue (or all!)


levis bandanas (cool bandanas for men)
levis bandanas (cool bandanas for men)

Buy: Levi’s Paisley 100% Cotton Men’s Cowboy Bandana $14.50


2. Goodfellow & Co Red and Blue Dual Pack


These will do the trick if you’re looking for a quick accessory or want to test-drive the bandana look before investing in an ultra-high-quality one. Adorned with the classic paisley look in either red or blue, this is a great starter pack for novice bandana wearers.


Buy: Goodfellow & Co Red and Blue Dual Pack $3.99


3. Rothco Camo Bandana


Whether it’s the need to blend in with your natural surroundings or channel your inner bad-boy, a camo bandana is the ultimate symbol for edgy styles. If they aren’t paired with your John Deere gear, consider styling with your favorite sneakers and oversized tees.

Rothco Camo Bandana
Rothco Camo Bandana

Buy: Rothco Camo Bandana $6.93


4. Tough Headwear American Bandana


Nothing says summer Americana like showing a little national pride. Whether it’s the Fourth of July, Memorial Day or even any other day of the year, this American flag-inspired bandana is the perfect option. Plus, it’s crafted out of a lightweight combination of polyester and spandex, providing the perfect amount of comfort and stretch.

Tough Headwear American Bandana
Tough Headwear American Bandana

Buy: Tough Headwear American Bandana $4.75


5. Coolibar UPF 50+ Performance Sun Bandana


Bandanas are a handy accessory if you’re running or working out in the sun. Beyond their ability to soak up sweat and keep it out of your eyes, bandanas can also protect you from sun exposure. Coolibar’s bandana does both. With a moisture-wicking polyester/spandex blend, this breathable fabric should keep you cool and dry. According to Coolibar, it also sports a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 50+ and blocks up to 98% of UV radiation.

coolibar bandana
coolibar bandana

Buy: Coolibar UPF 50+ Performance Sun Bandana $19.00


6. Buff Pacific Crest Trail Bandana


To cap off your camping look, why not have the beautiful natural surroundings of your trip printed on your head accessory? This Pacific Trail Bandana is not only stylish but it’s made out of a UPF 50 fabric shield, which will do a handy job of protecting you from those harmful UV rays you might encounter on the trail.

Buff Pacific Crest Trail Bandana
Buff Pacific Crest Trail Bandana

Buy: Buff Pacific Crest Trail Bandana $16.60 (orig. $20.00) 17% OFF


7. United By Blue Organic Wanderer Bandana


Top off your look with this bandana made for travelers. It’s got a gorgeous geometric pattern that’s plastered on a blue background. It’s made with 100% organic cotton and is sure to match whatever outfit you pair it with.

Organic Wanderer Bandana
Organic Wanderer Bandana

Buy: United By Blue Organic Wanderer Bandana $18.00


8. Everlane Cashmere Bandana


Like most pieces in your wardrobe, it’s best to have a more formal alternative on hand. You wouldn’t wear sandals to a steakhouse, right? (We hope not.) This cashmere bandana from Everlane has just the right amount of elegance, making it a great choice for a first date or night on the town — occasions where the cotton paisley bandana won’t cut it. Cashmere’s also cozy as hell, so this particular bandana is best reserved for colder nights.

Everlane bandana
Everlane bandana

Buy: Everlane Cashmere Bandana $65.00


9. Nudie Jeans Black Bandana


Nudie Jean’s Black Bandana blends edge and elegance, making it the ultimate black-and-white accessory for those concerned about style. Made out of organic cotton poplin, this bandana is sure to keep you feeling breezy without sacrificing an ounce of steeze.

Nudie Jeans Black Bandana
Nudie Jeans Black Bandana

Buy: Nudie Jeans Black Bandana $35.00


10. J.Crew Wallace and Barnes Organic Cotton Bandana


Tall umbrellas, ocean waves and breezy palm trees: This bandana is the pure embodiment of summer. Its coral and white colorway helps, too. Made out of organic cotton and free of toxic chemicals, this bandana is as eco-friendly as it is stylish. Pair with your favorite summer linens.


Wallace and Barnes Organic Cotton Bandana
Wallace and Barnes Organic Cotton Bandana

Buy: Wallace and Barnes Organic Cotton Bandana $12.50 (orig. $19.50) 36% OFF


11. Lunarable Fresh Popcorn Bandana


Hands down, the best bandanas for movie lovers are the ones that illustrate our favorite part about going to the cinema: fresh, buttery popcorn. And if you’ve missed going to the movie theaters as much as we do, then you’ll love this vintage popcorn ad bandana. Slide this polyester bad boy on and you’ll be ready for showtime.

bandana with vintage popcorn ad design
bandana with vintage popcorn ad design

Buy: Lunarable Fresh Popcorn Bandana $15.99


12. Satisfy Logo-Print Tie-Dyed Bandana


For streetwear enthusiasts, this tie-dye bandana takes all the summer-camp fluff of tie-dye and turns it into something cool. Made from a lightweight, breathable cotton-voile, this bandana is perfect for warmer clients. Style with your favorite sneakers and a plain white T-shirt.

Satisfy Logo-Print Tie-Dyed Bandana
Satisfy Logo-Print Tie-Dyed Bandana

Buy: Satisfy Logo-Print Tie-Dyed Bandana $60.00


13. Topo Designs Bandana


The gorgeous print featured on this stylish bandana hails from Topo Designs, which sells some of the best bandanas for men and women. This 100% cotton bandana is super smooth and comes in a multitude of colors and patterns. Wear it around your mouth, your neck or keep it handy for sweaty days.

Topo Designs Bandana
Topo Designs Bandana

Buy: Topo Designs Bandana $18.00


14. J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Organic Cotton Bandana


There’s nothing better than an accessory that isn’t afraid to be daring, and this bandana is a prime example. While its center boasts vibrant blues and reds, the outer yellow adds to the piece without making it feel like too much. For those looking for that staple summer piece, you’ve found it.

J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Organic Cotton Bandana
J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Organic Cotton Bandana

Buy: J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Organic Cotton Bandana $19.50


15. Cody James Men’s Silk Aztec Bandana


The boho aesthetic is everywhere you look now, and this Southwest-inspired piece is the ultimate cool bandana. Different shades of blue fill the Aztec patterns with bold colors. It is, however, important to note that because this bandana is made of silk, it’s not necessarily the best option to keep your body cool. This serves as more of an eye-catching aesthetic piece to keep you looking fresh.

Cody James Men's Silk Aztec Bandana
Cody James Men's Silk Aztec Bandana

Buy: Cody James Men’s Silk Aztec Bandana $34.99


16. Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas


You’re looking at a roundup about bandanas and forgetting about your pup? Shame on you. Your pup looks the cutest in bandanas, so be sure to pick him up a few from Remy+Roo on your way out.

Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas
Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas

Buy: Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas $24.95


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