This Cool Stanley Tumbler Hack Keeps Your Ice Cream Cold and Your Hands Warm

Stanley has been around since 1913—110 years and counting. These days, TikTokers are obsessed with the Stanley 40-ounce Quencher tumblers. Sales and restocks send fans into a total frenzy. What's the big deal? These coveted cups are known for their ability to keep beverages hot or cold.

The Quencher keeps beverages cold for 11 hours and hot for seven hours, has a straw for leisurely sipping, a wide mouth for chugging and a spill-proof cap that's highly necessary when driving, riding mass transit or walking with intention.

And now one clever TikToker has discovered yet another way to use a Stanley Tumbler, and it doesn't involve a drink at all. The creator, Grace, who posts as @gracesherlock3, recently shared the hack on TikTok, and commenters are all, "OMG NO WAY."

Oh, way.

In the video, Grace holds a peach Stanley Tumbler with a pink handle (over sheets that basically match—go girl). "This is without a doubt the smartest thing I’ve ever come up with in my life," reads the text overlay.

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What's so smart? Keep watching, and Grace quickly reveals a pint of Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream. Grace takes the pint and—get this—puts it into her Stanley Tumbler. It fits like a glove.

Speaking of gloves, she won't need any to hold that frosty point because, as one commenter emphatically pointed out, "NOW YOU DON’T HAVE TO HOLD THE COLD CONTAINER."

It's pretty clutch. So is the fact that the ice cream will probably stay cold for up to 11 hours. Not surprisingly, TikTokers were impressed, giving the video more than 497K likes in four days.

"You’re a genius. Thank you," said one, whose sentiments were echoed in the more than 1.8K comments.

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"Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need," wrote another.

"Oh, this is BIG brain," said someone else.

One person picked Grace's brain about the hack, asking, "Are there ice cubes in the cup?" Grace replied, "I didn’t actually, but [that's a] good idea."

A friendly impromptu TikTok collab is always sweet, but this one takes the cake, at least for the week.

Others had a few other phenomenal ideas.

"Now imagine a straw to root beer on the bottom," said another.


Even the few people left without a Stanley are ready to convert, thanks to this post.

"I’ve never felt the need for a Stanley, but this video convinced me I need one," one person replied.

"I never wanted one of these cups until this moment," said another.

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