This Cool-Girl Brand Made the Most Popular Boots of 2020, and Now You Can Shop It on Amazon

Tara Gonzalez
·3 mins read


I would walk on stilts if I could. This has absolutely everything to do with my unwavering love of platform boots; I would basically die for them. I was the tallest girl in my grade up until high school, and strangely enough, I was self-conscious about everything but my height. Now, I’m considered “tall but not too tall,” and since my boyfriend towers over me at 6 foot 2, my love of platforms and heels has only grown — I actually get competitive looking for shoes that will make me tower over him.

So of course when I first laid eyes on the Simon Miller High Raid boots everyone on Instagram seemed to have last season, I felt the urge to sell everything I own to afford a nearly-$700 pair. The heel is 4.5 inches, which would make me precisely half an inch taller than my boyfriend. When I suggested we split the price so I could be taller than him for once, he laughed and then said no.

Instead of buying the boot, I slowly watched it become the most popular boot of 2020 without me (rude). Weirdly, I didn’t even feel trend fatigue after seeing it for the 100th time. Maybe that’s the special thing about shoes: They tend to be the things in your closet that last the longest. I rarely ever throw out a good boot, no matter how worn or dirty it gets.

I had forgotten about the Simon Miller boot for maybe seven minutes when I came across the cool-girl brand on Amazon. For whatever reason, coming across something on Amazon just makes me more likely to add it to my cart without a second thought. Maybe it’s the psychology of the retailer that draws everyone in — or maybe it’s the free Prime shipping.

Luckily for my wallet, the High Raid boot isn’t available on Amazon (although it is at Nordstrom). Instead, there’s the Low Raid boot, which is $100 less and probably easier to walk in with its 3.25-inch heel. There’s also plenty of the brand’s rib knit collection, which is bound to be absolutely everywhere this fall. Nearly all of its ribbed pieces are under $200 and look like pajamas you’d wear if you regularly woke up in a palace. And if you need a nap, Simon Miller’s take on the pillow bag trend is perfect and has the best name. (Spoiler: It’s Puffin!)

It’s in Simon Miller’s nature to make pieces you can’t get over. And while I contemplate finally starting to save up for a pair of the High Raids, I’d advise everyone to stock up on the pieces available on Amazon ASAP. One of them is bound to become the next big it-item of 2020, and speaking from personal experience, I can guarantee you’ll scroll past something you dream about for weeks until you just have to give in and buy it.

Shop Simon Miller on Amazon below.

Simon Miller Women's Rista Oversized Sweatshirt

Shop now: $250;

Simon Miller Eel Heel Sandals

Shop now: $205;

Simon Miller Tali Dress

Shop now: $200;

Simon Miller Vedado One Shoulder Top

Shop now:$150;

Simon Miller Women's Welton Bell Pants

Shop now: $170;

Simon Miller Mini Red Snake Puffin Bag

Shop now: $290;

Simon Miller Mini Blue Puffin Bag

Shop now: $290;

Simon Miller White Foxy Boot

Shop now: $560;

Simon Miller Low Raid Brown Boot

Shop now: $590;

Simon Miller Low Raid Black Boot

Shop now: $590;

Simon Miller Large Puffin Bag

Shop now: $520;

Simon Miller Prado Skirt

Shop now: $174;

Simone Miller Bell Jeans

Shop now: $330;

Simon Miller Jammin Jane Pumps

Shop now: $530;