Controversial 'I May Destroy You' scene has viewers 'low-key devastated'

Since premiering earlier this month, HBO's new show I May Destroy You, written by and starring Michaela Coel, has been praised for its realistic portrayal of sexual assault and the aftermath, and Monday night's episode was no exception. 

The fourth episode, titled "That Was Fun," had many viewers taking to social media following the final moments of the show as Arabella's friend Kwame became the next character to fall victim to rape. A plot point that many saw as both unexpected and triggering.

Kwame, portrayed by actor Paapa Essiedu, goes to a stranger named Malik's apartment for a random hookup and, after refusing to have unprotected sex, the two continue. However, as Kwame is getting dressed to leave, Malik pushes Kwame back down and forces himself on Kwame, with his hands held down, as he proceeds to rape him.

The traumatic scene devastated viewers, as many took to Twitter to share how "hard to watch" the show is, yet "how important it is" to watch as well. 

The episode ended with Kwame, in tears, calling Arabella to say goodnight, but holding back from sharing anything that had transpired. A feeling that was, sadly, triggering for some viewers.

However, despite how tough the show is to take in, the reality of its portrayal is exactly why the show is pushing boundaries and continues to be one of the most talked about new shows on HBO.

I May Destroy You airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Video Transcript

KWAME: Yo, yo, nah, we're not having sex again.

MALIK: It's not sex.

KWAME: Yo, what the [BLEEP]!

"I May Destroy You," written by and starring Michaela Cole, has been praised for its realistic portrayal of sexual assault and the aftermath, since debuting on HBO earlier this month. And Monday night's episode continued to create buzz on social media, after Arabella's friend Kwame became the next person to fall victim to rape. Trigger warning-- what you see next may be hard to watch.

KWAME: Stop that!

- The traumatic scene devastated viewers, as many took to Twitter to share how hard to watch the show is, yet how important it is to watch as well. One person tweeted, "I May Destroy You, will destroy me, every week for the next 9 episodes." While another viewer wrote, "If you get a chance, watch 'I May Destroy You.' Side note, it's a bit uncomfortable, but it addresses important issues, so just watch it."

MALIK: What can I say? I'm a bad boy. See ya!

- The episode ended with Kwame in tears, calling Arabella to say goodnight but holding back from sharing anything that had transpired, a feeling that was sadly triggering for some viewers.

KWAME: Just going to go to bed, just thought I'd say goodnight, babe.

ARABELLA: Aw, how'd it go?

KWAME: Not bad.

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