Contractor Shares Hack For Choosing the Best 2x4s at Home Depot

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Every little hack helps! Whether you're a novice or an expert DIYer, new tips and tricks are always much appreciated. Adding to your figurative and literal toolkit for home improvement only makes projects run smoother and sometimes faster. Swapping methods with fellow DIYers is all part of the fun. The latest hack we're happy to learn of is a tip from a contractor who shared advice on selecting the best 2x4s from Home Depot.

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Watch this contractor from Twin Home Experts on Instagram go to Home Depot and show everyone how to score 2x4s that likely won't lead to buyer's remorse.

This advice is exceptionally helpful for DIYers who are new to working with woodwork. Who knew the trick would be to look at the edge and make sure you're not buying a piece from the core of the tree?! As someone who doesn't know the first thing about trees and how they're made up, this knowledge is welcomed. So many DIY tutorial videos include buying a 2x4 and sawing it as part of the steps.

Lumber connoisseurs filled up the comments with a variety of opinions about this tip, with some agreeing and others offering alternative solutions.

"The cores are the leftovers, not only from lumber production but also plywood production after they spin off the veneers," one follower shared. "You see them show up at HD and other retailers in the 2x4s and treated lumber. They pick them up cheap and keep them tightly banded until they go home with someone to twist, turn, and warp."

"A bowed 2X is not a problem," another countered. "It can be dealt with if you know what you’re doing. The big problem with 'Heart Center' lumber is that it will twist, making [it] good for nothing but firewood. Having said that, this is a good post by TwinHeartExperts. Avoid Heart Center lumber!"

Lots of fellow builders shared that they recommend people steer clear of Home Depot altogether and opt for an actual lumber yard.

What are your wood-buying secrets, tips, and tricks? Feel free to share!

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