Content creators are showing how their lives have improved with help from Olivia Rodrigo’s trending track ‘Vampire’

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TikTok creators are showcasing their self-growth and vulnerability in a recent trend that involves the use of Olivia Rodrigo‘s newest single.

Following its release on June 30, “Vampire,” the debut single from Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo’s forthcoming album “Guts,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has been dubbed a “brilliant, biting comeback.” In addition to its overall critical and commercial appeal, the single has struck a resonant chord with TikTok users.

Accompanied by the “big crescendo” that follows the chorus, creators are sharing their lows or personal breaking points, followed by their highs after choosing to make a big life change.

“I’m a big dynamics girl. All of my favorite music is super dynamic and gets really quiet, then really loud. I’ve always been drawn to stuff like that,” Rodrigo told Rolling Stone of the TikTok famous track’s production.

On July 10, Kathryn Zahorak (@ktzahorak) shared a video disclosing that she made the move from Los Angeles to New York City to build a new life following the end of her engagement.

Fellow app users, including Olivia Rodrigo, have taken to Zahorak’s comments to show their support. Some are even revealing how her decision to reinvent herself has inspired them to contemplate doing the same.

“I just broke up with my fiance. Toxic relationship. I was scared to move, rethinking it.. after seeing this .. bring it,” @alimaddison replied.

“The girlies really glow up every time,” commented.

“SLAYYY,” Rodrigo, aka @livbedumb, wrote.

This isn’t the first time this year that creators, both millennial and Gen Z, have relied on TikTok trends as a means of sharing personal struggles and finding camaraderie online. The ‘Who are you running to first when you get to heaven?’ trend that was popularized in June, for instance, prompted a discussion about the correlation between TikTok trends and the idea of embracing “strength in vulnerability.”

Kristen Barta, a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Michigan and Nazanin Andalibi, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Information, also suggest that perceived anonymity on TikTok may have the effect of emboldening creators to share their most vulnerable moments.

“Anonymity, both of content creators and of one’s audience, potentially affects the intimacy and depth of personal expression and disclosure of personal experiences on TikTok,” write Barta and Andalibi. “Anonymity upholds normative authenticity on TikTok by reducing the risks associated with personal expression and disclosure. In online contexts, anonymity has been associated with a disinhibition effect, in which individuals may express themselves more freely and perhaps with more intimacy of depth of disclosure, than in a face-to-face, offline context.”

Creators continue to share their rendition of the “Vampire” trend.

Kayleigh Donahue (@kayshaynee) was “burnt out from the grind mentality” in the United States and made the decision to “leave everything behind” and relocate to the Netherlands.

Tosin Idowu (@kosinfinityandbeyond), who, in 2020 had “been single 10 years” and was accepting the possibility of being alone forever, found her forever with husband, Kieron Cullen.

Marco Zamora (@want.zamora), who has a degree in engineering, was torn between staying in the field or pursuing his passion for interior design.

Added Rodrigo of the song’s inspiration, “I think it reflects the journey that I was going through and the anger that gets pent up in an experience like the one that the song’s about.”

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