Constitutional carry debate : A look at gun law changes being considered across the U.S.

Election season is heating up in Georgia, and Gov. Brian Kemp is facing a Republican primary challenge from David Perdue. The showdown has put a campaign issue, loosening gun laws, at the forefront of Kemp's state legislative agenda.

Kemp's floor leaders in the statehouse have yet to detail the specifics of a constitutional carry bill. However, they have plenty of material to pull from, as several other states have similar legislation pending.

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Gov. Brian Kemp speaks during recent a press conference in Bryan County.

Here's how constitutional carry is playing out in other states.


A set of companion bills in the Alabama House and Senate would allow people to carry a gun on themselves or in their vehicle without a permit. However, law enforcement officers, including the Alabama Sheriffs Association, generally oppose the bill because the permits fund police departments and police officers use the permits as an investigative tool, akin to a background check.


With support from Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson and Gov. Ron DeSantis, H.B. 103 has hopeful prospects in the Republican-controlled sunshine state. Some concerns from within the Republican party include potential harms to tourism due to the image of people openly carrying guns at the beach.


A bill in Indiana's Legislature would abolish permit requirements for most people over the age of 22. "Criminals do what they do" said the bill's author, Sen. James Tomes to a Republican-controlled Judiciary committee. Due to a lack of support from the committee chair, the bill is not currently slated to move forward.


A bill in the Nebraska Legislature would remove the permitting and training process. Proponents have pointed toward the U.S. Constitution while opponents such as the Omaha Police Officers Association believe that the bill would help criminals avoid prosecution and hurt police officers' ability to remove guns from dangerous people.


Both Ohio's Senate and House have passed different bills that would eliminate permits and requirements involving concealed-carry training. Ohio's Fraternal Order of Police has voiced concern about the removal of gun safety training requirements.

This article originally appeared on Savannah Morning News: Constitutional carry gun laws: Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia