Conspiracy Theory: The WSL Is Running Finals Day Saturday Because of Football

By the numbers, and no shocker, the NFL blows the WSL out of the stratosphere.

For example, a reported 115 million viewers in the United States alone watched last season’s Super Bowl; the 2022 WSL Finals Day? 8.3 mill…worldwide…allegedly.

So, it makes sense that the WSL wouldn’t want to compete for those eyeballs on their Super Bowl, Finals Day, and opening weekend of the NFL’s 2023/24 season.

As previously reported, with Hurricane Jova en route, the WSL has put Finals Day on Yellow Alert for a potential run Saturday. However, some are predicting that Sunday, in which there will be 14 NFL games being played, could be the better day.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see on the day. But…could there be some back-room, secret strategy behind (potentially) running Saturday instead of Sunday? Even if Sunday could be better? Or even Monday?

Prior to announcing the Yellow Alert, the WSL posted the above Instagram video asking surfers and surf world acolytes which day they should run: Saturday or Sunday?

“Sunday, there’s NFL football starting,” said former CT surfer Kekoa Becalso. “Saturday incoming swell.”

Additionally in the post, they polled viewers; as of publish time:

Votes for Saturday: 64%; Sunday: 36%.

Fans want Saturday, by the numbers. So does the WSL, for the numbers.

Commenters on the post, regarding the NFL conundrum, wrote:

“More people interested in the NFL week 1, so Saturday for better ratings.”

“The rest of the world couldn’t give a shit about the NFL, run it when it’s good.”

“Everyone please go watch Football every Sunday. Don’t miss a game!! And college football Saturdays too. Thanks!!”

Conspiracy? Get out your tinfoil hat, and stay tuned Saturday for the call.


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