Connecting On the Spot with BondApp

Jamal Taleb


Boston, MA, Aug. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There are so many meetup and social apps available nowadays, that it’s difficult to know where to start. Often, you try a few, and either end up coming away with nothing to show for it or, worse, a few negative experiences.

You may have had a bit of fun with them all but never made that true, reliable connection with another person. BondApp is a social app with a difference. It connects you to individuals who are actually there, in your immediate space, so you can meet them in person in that moment. The founder of BondApp, Jamal Taleb, describes it as a safe tool to you spontaneously anywhere. Whether you’re in a coffee shop or restaurant, you have an opportunity to meet others in a safely manner.

Of course, one of the major problems with social apps is that it’s difficult to find people to meet when you could have a lot in common. Whether two individuals work in the same industry, watch the same sports etc… All too many apps require a lot of back and forth before you can ever meet anyone face-to-face and make a connection.

That’s all changing with BondApp.

BondApp also eliminates another major problem: the potential to meet someone who isn’t who they say they are. More often than not, messages that get sent through social apps have no substance to them and there is always the risk that the person you are chatting to may not be the person they say they are. A lot of people that meet someone through a social service will feel the necessity to take a friend with them to avoid a situation that could arise when meeting a stranger online.

BondApp eliminates this need. They safely connect local people to one another and make it easy to verify someone is who they say they are, eliminating risk of catfishing that could put users of other meetup apps in danger.

BondApp uses the location service on your phone to find other Bondians (BondApp users) within 200 feet of your location, then you can view their profile and send an invitation, a.k.a. a ‘Ping’, to connect if you are interested in them. If you find you have a mutual interest, you can start chatting to your potential connection through the Chat Wheel within the app to break the ice. Then? Just go straight up to them and start a real conversation.

Jamal Taleb says “BondApp takes down any barriers to promote real-life interactions”. There can never be the issue that a connection is too far away, you know in an instant that the connection is who they claim to be, and no one can hide behind an online persona. BondApp gives you the opportunity to meet someone more organically and allow you to get to know the ‘real them’ straight away. Making eye contact with one another and responding to body language is an important part of gauging whether there is a spark. You won’t find another social app that allows you to do that.

But what if there are no Bondians exactly where you are? Not a problem with BondApp. With the unique Hotspots feature you can view areas nearby to you that are bustling with user activity. BondApp will show you how many Bondians there are in a venue but won’t show you their profile pictures. The only way to see these profile images is to make your way to one of these popular spots and find that meaningful connection. Through these Hotspots, BondApp is promoting venues, showing users where the best spots are. Therefore, not only is our service amazing for singles looking to make a connection, BondApp is hugely beneficial to nightlife businesses, particularly in major cities.

BondApp has so far created a real buzz for the residents of Boston, and they are currently working to expand our territory across the east coast. Whether you’re looking for professional networking, looking to make a new friend or just want someone to talk to, BondApp is the service for you. As Jamal added “We will help you to break the ice wherever you are”. You may even find your new favorite restaurant or bar in your own city, and better still, make that true connection.

If you’re interested in networking on the spot, download BondApp to your phone or head to to explore the app for yourself today.

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