Connecticut Department of Agriculture Rescues Nearly 100 Sheep Following Citizen Report

We're thankful someone knew to report this.

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture stepped in to rescue nearly 100 sheep following a citizen report that the department received on Feb. 22. The citizen reported the farm after seeing vultures surrounding carcasses. And just two days later, the department executed a search and seizure warrant.

What the Department of Agriculture discovered at this house will absolutely break you. It will make you wonder how anyone lets their animals get to this point. But thankfully, this citizen saw the injustice and made the right decision to call the department. Take a look at the full report from WFSB 3 below, but a fair warning as the images and videos are graphic.

Wow, our hearts shattered watching this clip and seeing the horrible conditions those animals were in. The sheep had no room. Some developed skin problems because of the excess growth of wool and others had trouble walking, according to the report. The search warrant also stated that 5 dead animals were found on the property. Ugh, this completely broke us.

As for the rest of the sheep, the 65 adults and 34 lambs that were seized are now in the Department of Agriculture’s custody. One goose and 15 cats were also rescued. The cats were voluntarily surrendered, and they are now with Woodbridge Regional Animal Control.

The owner of this farm is being investigated, but no charges have been filed at the time of the report. We're hoping those animals find their way to loving farms for the rest of their days.

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