Conley should deliver mid-round value rest of year

After a rough 2019-20 season, Mike Conley has bounced back in a strong way, paying early dividends for those who bought low in their fantasy drafts.

Video Transcript


RYAN KNAUS: Mike Conley has admitted that he had a tough year on and off the court in 2019-20, a season that concluded with him outside the top 150 for fantasy value. And he wasn't even top 200 on a cumulative basis, because he only appeared in 47 regular season games. That landed him on many fantasy GMs never again list. But the people who accepted risk on draft day are grinning now, as he averages 20 points, 5 assists, over 4 boards, 3 and 1/2 triples, and a steal per game, all with elite percentages.

We've heard of coaches giving a player the green light offensively, but Jazz Coach Quinn Snyder took it a step further, saying Conley has in quotes, "a green sun. If the sun was green, it's that bright." Now Conley's hamstring injury is in the past. And even at age 33, he has enough quickness and can use his veteran savvy to exploit defenders, especially because the opposing team's best defender is usually draped all over Donovan Mitchell.

Conley is comfortable with his new team after 12 years with the only franchise he'd ever known in Memphis. He's healthy after a year of nagging injuries. And there's no reason to think that he can't finish the season as a middle ground value, at worst, as a featured offensive option for the Utah Jazz.