Conjure Up Butterbeer Fudge At Home To Take Yourself To Hogwarts

Squares of caramel brown fudge
Squares of caramel brown fudge - Wirestock/Getty
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If you've read the "Harry Potter" series, or at least seen the movies — and who hasn't seen the movies — you know that butterbeer is a staple beverage in the wizarding world. Author J.K. Rowling pictured it as having a flavor similar to butterscotch, just less sweet. Students would flock to Hogsmeade to enjoy it hot or cold. Although actually going to Hogwarts isn't an option, you can make your kitchen feel like you're a wizard by making butterbeer fudge.

One creator on Instagram took the flavors of butterbeer and transformed them into a beautiful layered fudge complete with a chocolate frog topping — don't worry, this frog won't come to life and hop away. The first layer of the fudge is butterscotch flavored and only requires butterscotch chips, butter, sweetened condensed milk, and salted caramel. The top layer is white chocolate flavored and the only additional ingredient you'll need is white chocolate chips. The fudge is super simple to make — all you need to do is melt and mix the ingredients for each layer and pour them into a square pan, making sure to refrigerate the bottom layer before adding the top one. The final steps once everything is set are to cut the fudge, take a bite, and feel yourself apparate right to Hogwarts.

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How Do We Know What Butterbeer Tastes Like?

A hand holding up a cup of butterbeer
A hand holding up a cup of butterbeer - Robert Way/Shutterstock

Harry Potter fanatics have been creating butterbeer-flavored items for a while now, and Universal Studios in Florida even sells butterbeer as one of the many whimsical food and drink offerings in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter section of the park — plus there's even more than one way to enjoy butterbeer. But how do we know what butterbeer really tastes like and who created it?


The truth about butterbeer is that a chef named Steve Jayson is behind its creation. Jayson was commissioned by Universal Studios to create a recipe for butterbeer for the park's Wizarding World, and its flavors are inspired by the butterscotch reference that comes from J.K. Rowling's iconic series. Although the name may suggest otherwise, Universal's butterbeer doesn't actually have any alcohol but looks a lot like beer because of its white foamy topping. Jayson basically made an educated guess based on the books, but it turns out that Rowling herself actually got to taste the final product and she was a big fan. Sadly, the recipe in its entirety is top secret, but that won't stop Potterheads everywhere from incorporating the flavors into new sweet treats.

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