Confused on How to Wrap a Stuffed Animal? Here's a Quick and Easy Way to Do It

stuffed toys next to wrapping paper tape and scissors
How to Wrap a Stuffed AnimalMelanie Yates

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When you buy a stuffed animal or any type of plush toy for a kid, you're probably thinking about how much enjoyment and comfort it'll give them — not about how you're going to wrap an irregularly shaped object.

As with any non-boxy item, the best way to wrap a stuffed animal is by making a gift bag out of wrapping paper that's custom-fit to the toy's size while completely concealing the shape. And while your recipient may not appreciate your clever, out-of-the-box wrapping job, we bet that their parents will.

All you need are basic gift-wrap materials, a flat surface to work on, and your soft toy on standby. Here are the step-by-step instructions for how to wrap a stuffed animal.

How to Wrap a Stuffed Animal


  • Stuffed animal

  • Wrapping paper

  • Scissors

  • Tape


  1. Cut your paper to size by wrapping it lengthwise around the toy. Add another inch and cut.

  2. Fold in the edges of the paper until they’re just overlapping in the middle. Crease down the paper and tape together, just in the middle.

  3. Create a base by making a 2-3-inch fold at the bottom end of the paper, then press the sides of the fold inward to create a diamond shape. Fold the upper and lower corners of the diamond until they’re just overlapping in the middle, and tape one fold on top of the other.

  4. Cut the top of the gift pouch to size by measuring 1.5 times the height of the stuffed animal and cutting the top of the bag here.

  5. Place the stuffed animal inside the paper pouch, making sure it fits at the newly formed base.

  6. With the taped side of the gift facing you, press together the paper opening and fold the paper down to seal the top. (You can fold it down a few more times if you need to). Secure with tape.

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