Confused Horse Stops in Her Tracks After Seeing Zebra for the First Time

Whether you're a human or an animal, processing brand-new information can take a second sometimes. It's only natural! Maybe you're in shock about the greatest news you've ever heard, or maybe you're just plain confused about what you're seeing, but just about everyone needs an extra moment or two to take in something new sometimes.

For one expressive horse named Ginger, the sight of someone new in the barn was enough to make her stare in shock. That moment on March 2 was the first time she'd ever seen a zebra, and the look on her face is one you'll never forget! Though if you ask me, the zebra looks just as confused as the horse does.

LOL! Ginger is positively shook, and I can't say that I blame her. If I saw what looked like a person with striped skin, I'd probably feel confused, too. Think about it--she has no idea the baby zebra is a different species, so she's probably wondering how in the world a baby horse can have stripes!

"The striped zebra is looking back like, 'Why are you so solid colored,'" noticed commenter @manders0007. Haha--that's so true! The confusion is definitely mutual, but if I'm being honest, even I was confused at first.

I laughed so hard at one comment that said, "I couldn't see the pink bridle, and I thought the zebra was anime blushing," because that's exactly what I thought, too. I had to rewatch it a few times just for that detail, even though I like the thought of the blush better than the bridle. Farm animals and exotic animals are both so precious already, but a little blush in a photo filter just about breaks the cuteness meter!

This farm zebra isn't the only unique animal on the farm @equinemik and her mare call home. As she explained to a commenter, her boss also has lemurs and kangaroos on the farm! After telling her viewers this, though, she's going to have to make follow-up videos of her barrel-racing horse seeing those animals from a safe distance, too.

Are Zebras and Horses Related?

Horses, zebras, and donkeys are all from the Equidae family, which means that they are all related species. They are not the same species, but they are so closely related that they can mate with one another.

The offspring of a zebra and a horse is called a zebroid. More specifically, the child of a female horse and a male zebra is called a zorse, while the offspring of a female zebra and a male horse is called a hebra. No, I'm not kidding!

These hybrid animals are fairly well known in the animal world, though I highly doubt that Ginger's farm is considering going down this path anytime soon. After all, breeding is a big deal no matter what species the animals are!

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