Confessions of an Uber Driver: We’re Not Stupid

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We’re watching you. And judging you. (Photo: Getty Images)

As taxi cab alternatives are becoming more commonplace in cities around the world we are hearing more and more complaints about untoward behavior from drivers for various companies. But what about the passengers? When will the drivers get to have their say and vent about the people they’re driving around?

We hopped into the passenger seat of one driver who gave us his low-down on passenger bad behavior in his cars. The bottom-line, passengers can be jerks.

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1. We aren’t your servants. We aren’t your private driver. We have girls make us stop while they run errands into the drug store and pull over to the side of the road to say hi to a friend. We are still a taxi service. We want to get you from point A to point B, not wait for you while your dog gets a haircut.


We can see you. And we know what you’re up to. (Photo: Cultura Creative/Alamy)

2. We can see you. We’ve seen it all. People do drugs, they try to have sex. I saw one guy try to urinate into a bottle. We can see you.

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Those rankings affect us and our business, so be fair. (Photo: Getty Images)

3. We care about how you rank us. We are trying to give you good service because rank matters. It matters to the company and to our future clients. We know most people don’t even look when they rank a driver, but take the time to think about it for a minute next time. If we give you good service please let the company know.

4. Some of our English isn’t the best, but we try. English is not the first language for some of our drivers, but they are trying their best. Still, passengers scream at them and call them names when they find it hard to understand them. Yelling doesn’t make what you are saying make any more sense. 

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It’s a Saturday night and it’s raining. We’re sorry you’re going to be late to your dinner, but yelling at us won’t get you there any faster. (Photo: Jonathan Kos-Read/Flickr)

5. Please don’t yell at us. To that point, please don’t yell at us. There are a lot of things that we can’t control. Traffic is one of them. Still, you would be surprised at how many seemingly calm individuals begin screaming once they get caught in bad rush hour traffic. Yelling at us will not get you there any faster. All we ask is that you treat us like humans.


Our car may be nice, but that doesn’t give you license to act like a jerk. (Photo: Getty Images)

6. The nicer the car, the more entitled the passenger becomes. The nicer our car is the more privileged the customer. When you have leather seats in a town car these people think they are ballers.

7. We’re not stupid. There are Uber drivers doing this to put themselves through school or as a second job. I know one who is getting a PhD. Please just stop talking down to us.

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