Concerned dogs rush to new mom’s rescue when she breaks down in emotional security footage

A living room security camera captured the touching moment dogs rushed to the side of their weeping human, and the footage is going viral on TikTok.

New mom Drea Helton León gained over 4.8 million views, 703,000 likes, and 6,000 comments when she uploaded the touching footage.

We’ve seen security cameras capture deeply emotional moments before — like the Ring that recorded a bonus son telling his stepdad “I love you” for the very first time — but these dogs’ concern for their mom is touching TikTok’s heart in a whole new way.

Now, much like the worried pit bull who cries every time her tiny human cries, Drea’s dogs are proving that animals might be more in touch with our emotions than we give them credit for.

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In the video, accidentally captured by Drea’s living room camera, we see the new mom tidying up her home while her dogs watch — seemingly already concerned by her demeanor.

Suddenly, Drea’s emotions get the best of her, and she collapses onto the couch and buries her head in her arms.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the worried pups rush to Drea’s side and cuddle up beside her, no doubt doing their best to comfort the emotional mom.

While most viewers were touched by the sweet footage, some people accused Drea of faking the moment for views.

However, in a follow-up video, Drea explained that she installed the camera in her living room to keep an eye on her dog Simba, who has epilepsy — and that camera just happened to capture the real-life moment.

“We keep an eye on his seizures [and] how often they happen. … His neurologist likes to see what the seizures look like,” she explained. “When I was looking through the footage … making sure Simba didn’t have any seizures. … I saw that I had that meltdown in front of the camera, and I was like, ‘You know what, there are a lot of people that can relate to that moment, and if I share it, they’ll probably feel less alone.'”

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“We do not deserve dogs”

Thousands of TikTokers rushed to Drea’s comment section to share their reactions to her emotional footage.

“Dogs are beautiful souls,” one user wrote.

“People say dogs don’t have emotions. So how do they understand ours? 🥹💞 mine does this when I cry too,” another user commented.

“They said, ‘Mama, it’s okay. We got you. You’re doing great. We are here.’ Animals are so amazing. Your amazing!” wrote one user.

“Instant tears 😢 😭 I felt every moment,” another comment read.

“We do not deserve dogs 🐶♥️🐶. Momma, it gets easier, I promise,” one user wrote.

“Motherhood is literally the most lonely, exhausting, and rewarding job,” another user shared.

Thanks to Drea’s raw footage, perhaps parents everywhere will know they’re not alone in having bad days — and humans will learn to appreciate animals’ sweet souls.

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