Conceal Bad Hair Days and Grown-Out Roots With These 19 Cute Headbands

A good hair day might as well be as rare and special as a good first date. In fact, we’ll take it out to lunch, buy it a bouquet of roses, and blow it a kiss on the ride home—just for showing up! Along the way, we’ve learned simple tricks to make hair color last longer and to help extend the life of a single hair-washing to at least three days. Five, if we’re committed. Dry shampoo is a forever kind of friend, and a teasing brush really works wonders on bottomed-out roots. But on days when you not only need to make a so-so hair day decently wearable for the outside world, but also want to make it a full-fledged good hair day, it’s time to break out the hair accessories.

More specifically, the cute headband hiding in your drawer. Headbands never truly went out of style, and they’ve seen quite the uptick on the trend radar this year. From retro knotted to classic tortoiseshell to fabulously padded, these headbands are just the thing to take any hair day from bad to best-ever. Find the headband style (or two!) that fits your personality and conceals every one of your mane woes.