Compression Hose Is Now for the Chic and Young



By Allison P Davis

Fashion has stolen so much from Grandma: ugly yet comfortable shoes, muddy florals, large and glorious granny-panties, clogs , canning, multiple-cat ownership, and so much more.

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Now, ol’ lady chic has officially claimed our sock drawers. According to the Times, compression socks — the choice hosiery of those actively concerned with blood clots and increased circulation — are now a must-have accessory for jet-setting fashion types.

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Naturally, nobody is purchasing the sturdy-nylon Duane Reade kind favored by octogenarians — though anything is more stylish than swollen ankles and puffy legs, right, ladies? The Times says editors are shelling out “$88” for “super chic” versions in charcoal cable-knit or fun and crazy plaids. “The socks and tights might have dowdy roots, but the look is actually very chic casual,” explains one such fashion insider.

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Chic, casual, and preventative of deep-vein thrombosis. Consider it a three in one!

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