A Complete Guide on How to Shave Your Armpits, the Right Way

Jessica Harrington

Shaving your underarms should be a simple task, but for one reason or another many of us dread it. Time is always a factor, but the real reason so many of us hate shaving our armpits is because of the possibility of nicks and post-shaving irritation. You could be a seasoned groomer or just entering the delightful stage called puberty that we look back on so fondly (that's sarcasm) - everyone could benefit from a few expert tips.

Body hair, or the lack thereof, is a personal choice. So, if you're reading this, we can only assume you've made the conscious decision to get rid of your's in your underarm area. And with a few tips and the right tools, we have no doubt the experience will go smoothly. Ahead, shaving expert and co-founder of Pacific Shaving Co. CC Sofronas explained step-by-step how to shave your armpits - the right way.