Competitive Eater Devours 'One-Kilo Burrito' in Under 3 Minutes

A competitive eater in Auckland, New Zealand, took on a spicy challenge when she chowed down a chain restaurant’s “one-kilo burrito” in two minutes and two seconds, video shared on September 27 shows.

Footage posted by Nela Zisser shows her devouring the 1.13 kg (2.5 pound) burrito at a local Mad Mex.

Sharing the video to YouTube, Zisser wrote in the description, “The 1 kilogram Big Burrito is back at Mad Mex, so I couldn’t say no to giving it another go.”

As a competitive eater, Zisser has a recurring relationship with the Big Burrito going back at least five years. Previously, she has devoured the massive foodstuff in 104, 100, and 85 seconds, respectively.

“I’m planning on heading back to the restaurant in a couple of weeks for another attempt,” she wrote.

The medical student and Miss Earth New Zealand 2013 shared this footage to her YouTube channel, which features a range of videos of her scarfing down colossal portions of food in small amounts of time. Credit: Nela Zisser via Storyful