Competitive Cavs boosting Andre Drummond's value

Andre Drummond is benefitting from the Cavaliers' early success, and should avoid shutdown time and reduced minutes down the stretch if they can stay competitive.

Video Transcript

RYAN KNAUS: At this point in his, career Andre Drummond is a known commodity. He'll go out and be a threat for 2020 every single time he takes the court. And just as importantly for fantasy, in addition to boosting your field goal percentage, he is a monster in the steals department. In fact, he was third in the entire league last year at 1.9 swipes per game, the next closest center was Anthony Davis. And he spent much of his time at power forward.

The best news for Drummond this year, however, might be the fact that the Cavs are, dare I say, kind of good. They won their first three games, they're sharing the ball, they actually lead the NBA in passes through three games. That all conspires to reduce Drummond's shutdown risk. He has a ton to play for in the final year of his contract too. So when you combine looming unrestricted free agency with a dark horse playoff campaign-- maybe I'm getting ahead of myself there, but that should combine to keep Drummond playing huge minutes deep into the fantasy playoffs. There's something of a mirage here, but Kevin Love is shaky and Drummond can obviously play well alongside Larry Nance. So there's really nothing to prevent him from being a top five player in leagues where you can ignore free throw percentage, points leagues, or a punt build, which hopefully was the case when you drafted him in the first place.