Up-and-coming sculptor David Lynch is here to keep you motivated

Allison Shoemaker
·1 min read

It’s rough out there. We know. There’s a decent chance that you have no idea what day of the week it is, that your sleep schedule has gone to garbage, that you’re just continuously bingeing Murder, She Wrote to feel alive, and that you haven’t touched a human being who does not currently reside with you since March. Making the bed can feel like a huge win! Writing a letter, fixing something broken, cross-stitching things designs related to Murder, She Wrote—all wonderful things. But getting there can be tough.

David Lynch knows this. He’s got you. Here, have some serotonin:

It is a nice glow! It’s a nice sculpture that’s also a lamp! It is definitely both! (Note: Twin Peaks: The Return is not a sculpture. It is a TV show. Please don’t try to give it any sculpture awards.)

But the real gem of this video is the little part at the end that’s seemingly just there to encourage you to keep on cross-stitching:

Thank you, David. We are getting work done, we promise.

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