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A comfortable pair of heels for a classy lady like you
A comfortable pair of heels for a classy lady like you

Are you searching for a pair of heels that are stylish and still feet-friendly? When you enter a room with the click-clack of heels, the impact on your audience is unmatched. But unfortunately, heels are notorious for being a painful option since uncomfortable models can cause blisters, pain, and in worst-case scenarios, even fractures. Fortunately, some versions offer the same impression minus the discomfort.

So, to lend you a hand, we compiled a list of the top comfortable heels for 2022 that won’t be harsh on your feet and will give you all the "boss-lady" vibes you’re looking for. Additionally, we included a few different styles to suit almost everyone's needs and preferences. So, let's get into it!

Top Picks

Best overall: Lifestride Comfortable Heels

The stylish pump comes with a neat finish and comfortable heels
The stylish pump comes with a neat finish and comfortable heels

If you are searching for something on-trend that’s still relaxing, these pumps are the ideal choice! With a neat finish and a top-quality leather upper, they are perfect for formal and semi-formal events. The slip-on fit also makes this option super easy to wear, and the average-size heel is just the right height for almost any venue. Thanks to the traction soles and soft cushioning, you can have all the comfort and stability you need to be on your feet for hours. Overall, the high-quality materials, great manufacturing and comfortable wear make this product stand out as the best overall on this list.

Key Features:

  • Available in five different colors

  • Contains asymmetrical, elasticized-strap detail

  • Pointed toe with buckle-strap closure

  • Material: 100% synthetic

  • Height: 2.75 inches

Most vintage: J. Adams Comfortable Heels

A pair of comfortable and stylish heels
A pair of comfortable and stylish heels

J. Adams aims to deliver high-quality, stylish footwear for ladies, and these vintage yet contemporary options are no exception. A modern take on the Mary Jane flats, these mid-heels are a must-have for almost everyone's wardrobe. Thanks to their vintage and classy look, you can rock this option at parties or events. On top of that, they also feature a cushioned footbed with a padded insole to give you a more painless heel experience for hours on end. You will almost certainly love this pair thanks to its unique design, soft inside, and quality manufacturing!

Key Features:

  • Material: Vegan and eco-friendly

  • Minimal packaging reduces its carbon footprint

  • Red, polka-dot print

  • Sturdy, 3-inch heels

  • Buckle closures for a more secure fit

Elite design: The Drop Comfortable Heels

The comfortable strap heels are a perfect fit for any summer events
The comfortable strap heels are a perfect fit for any summer events

The Drop manufactures staples and influencer-based, limited-edition clothing inspired by global street styles to keep you updated on the most in-demand trends, and this piece is a great example. These imported strap heels are a great fit for summer events. This option is a must-have staple that gives off a 90s retro vibe thanks to its squared-toe shape. And, owing to the easy slip-on design, this product is comfortable and easy to wear. The sole is also designed for an average to medium-size width that fits most women comfortably.

Key Features:

  • Material: 100% polyurethane

  • Thin, two-strap design

  • Available in plenty of colors

  • Medium size, 3-inch heels

  • Plenty of sizes to choose from

Most stylish: Dream Pairs Comfortable Heels

The glittery block comfortable heels are the ultimate choice for a day out
The glittery block comfortable heels are the ultimate choice for a day out

Inspired by runways and street-style trends, these glittery block heels are the ultimate choice for a day out with the girls — or for proms, weddings, and almost any party. The open-toed design makes this shoe summer friendly and lets you move your toes freely, helping prevent blisters and swelling. In addition, thanks to the latex padded insole, you get a ton of comfort without compromising on looks. Similarly, the outsole will give you more stability while walking and help prevent slips and falls, making them a cute and safer choice!

Key Features:

  • Rubber-made outsole

  • Cross glittery strap design

  • Buckle closure for a better fit

  • 3.15-inch block heel for more comfortable wear

  • Lightweight and supportive

Perfect for formal wear: Naturalizer Comfortable Heels

A pair of comfortable heels for all-day wear
A pair of comfortable heels for all-day wear

One of the most classic slip-on options on this list, these original, leather-made pumps are perfect for almost any event. “The Michelle” is distinctly gorgeous and impeccably crafted for a better fit and feel all day long. With an iconic silhouette and an all-day heel, these classic almond toes have a contoured slip-on fit that promises top-of-the-line comfort. With these, you will be able to rock almost any formal event with complete confidence day and night!

Key Features:

  • Cool, comfy and breathable lining

  • Soft and responsive cushioning

  • Premium-feeling leather inside and outside

  • A precise fit with a sculpted inside

  • Arch and heel support

  • 2.5 to 3-inch thick, sturdy heel

How to find your next pair of comfortable heels: A buyer's guide

Pain is not a price you want to pay for wearing a gorgeous set of heels. To aid you further in your hunt for comfortable footwear, we have prepared a buyer’s guide that will provide you with some of the information you need to find a quality, comfortable product.

Common types of heels

When you're out purchasing a pair of beautiful footwear, it's important to know the basic terminologies used in the shoe world.

  • Pumps: These shoes have a thin heel of around two to three inches and are some of the most widely used in formal and semi-formal events.

  • Stilettos: These are the iconic high heels you can see on celebrities and the runway. These heels range up to eight inches and are pretty thin.

  • Wedges: Wedge sandals and heels are another popular type. These are full heels that cover the entire shoe base and can vary in height.

  • Cone: As the name indicates, these are heels shaped like a cone. With a versatile heel height, they are thicker at the top and get thinner towards the bottom.

  • Platform heels: These heels may seem like stilettos but differ with a platform on the front side. This keeps the distance between the heel and your toes shorter and can be more comfortable.

  • Spool heels: You can picture these heels if you have seen a spool of thread. They are round and thick at the top and bottom with a slight curve at the center.

  • Chunky heels: Block heels, or chunky heels, are a thicker option and are preferred for their comfort and height.

Why heels are completely worth it

If you're still unsure of whether heels are worth the investment, read on to find out about some of their basic benefits.

1. Increasing height

One of the most common reasons heels were invented and are worn worldwide is to increase a person's height by a few inches. This helps them appear more authoritative. Nowadays though, they’re used for better posture and increased physical attractiveness, mostly among the female population.

2. Boosting confidence

Highlighted in many studies, there is a correlation between high heels, tallness, and confidence. The study pointed out how heels can promote better posture and help increase height, and that tall woman can sometimes tend to be more confident than their shorter counterparts in the workplace.

3. Drawing compliments

In the past, courtesans employed heels to make themselves more appealing to their guests. Again, this is because heels, no matter the type, can help accentuate your leg muscles and assist you with walking more gracefully, this can sometimes draw in more compliments.

Pointers for buying heels

Here are a few guidelines and factors to make the whole buying process easier for you.

Soft and comfortable

This is the most important feature to look for in footwear you plan on purchasing. Comfortable heels should have a snug fit but also shouldn’t hurt your feet. Look for great cushioning to get a comfortable pair of shoes and remember to break them in to avoid blisters and pain even after extended wear.

Stylish and trendy

When buying heels, it's important to buy something stylish and on-point. Although comfort should be your top priority, there's no point in buying something that is outdated or destroys the look of your overall outfit. Instead, you can check out the latest fashion magazines to get better accustomed to what's in and out — this will help you find the right options for your needs.

Quality materials

Weak heels, disproportionate design, and poor-quality materials can lead to accidents. So, be careful of the brand you plan on investing in, low-quality materials can be dangerous to wear.

Well crafted

The design of a heel you plan on purchasing should be impeccable with neat stitching. Always go for a practical and all-rounder choice to avoid options you may never wear again.

How to walk in heels

A fabulous pair of heels demand a graceful and elegant walk. First, always try to find the perfect fit with heels. Next, as you walk, practice placing your heel on the ground first and then your toes firmly. Remember to shift your weight to your toes when you do so. Last, always take small steps and walk as if you’re gliding in a straight line. If you do this, you will be a heel pro in no time!

People also asked

Q: What are the dangers of wearing my heels?

A: A quality pair will rarely give you problems if you know how to walk in them. Poor tread, or a poor pair in general, can cause blisters, inflammation, and sprained ankles.

Q: Are block heels easier to wear?

A: Most women think block heels are slightly more comfortable, they aren't as thin and can help distribute your weight better.

Q: What color heels are ideal to buy?

A: It's best to buy heels in neutral shades such as beige, cream, brown and black, they can be paired with almost any outfit.