Comedian Stages Prank Wedding on London Public Transportation Amid Coronavirus Restrictions

A YouTuber in London, England, staged a fake wedding on a commuter train amid COVID-19 restrictions on October 9.

The video shows comedian Elvin Mensah getting “married” to his bride in full view of guests and passengers while onboard a train bound for Stratford Station in east London.

Passenger Fataima Begum captured the footage. She told Storyful she jumped on the train while making her way home from work. The carriage had been decorated for a wedding and the pair started the mock ceremony once there were enough people on the carriage.

The false ceremony was conceived by Mensah as a way to highlight the challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, according to reports. Gatherings in the UK are currently limited to 15 people. Credit: Fataima Begum via Storyful