Comedian imagines some of The Fellowship's road conversations not shown in The Lord Of The Rings

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The long, boring road to Mordor.
The long, boring road to Mordor.

Even when they weren’t facing the mortal perils inherent to trekking across a vast, mysterious landscape filled with fantastical creatures, rival armies, and roving bands of flesh-eating goblins, The Lord Of The Rings’ Fellowship still had to endure the need to make small talk during the many, many hours of downtime on their trip to Mordor.

While on a six-day hike of his own, writer and comedian Joz Norris was inspired to think up some of what the group might’ve talked about to pass the time. And he filmed himself acting it out.

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In the video, Norris walks along a forest path wearing the fabled Raincoat Of Gore-Tex and turns to the camera to role-play a road-weary human hoping to spark conversation on the Fellowship’s quest to throw a ring into a volcano.

“Okay, let’s play a game: Guess what I’m thinking about,” he says to an unseen companion at one point. “It is the ring, yeah.”

He also plays orc-based pranks, asks his hobbit pals if their bare feet are holding up alright without shoes—a topic that he didn’t mean to be offensive but just thought was worth entertaining to help pass the time. He also introduces other fun road games, like picking which giant body part his friends would be if they had to be Sauron. (The big eye, of course, wins.)

Considering what Norris was able to make on a budget that can’t have exceeded more than a dollar or two of smartphone data, we suggest that Amazon consider bringing him on to their seemingly always-in-production Lord Of The Rings show. Surely, his imagination could reign in the spending a little bit and flesh out its seasons by providing extra episodes filled entirely by dialogue between bored hobbits and restless elves.

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