Comedian Daniel Tosh Hilariously Interviews His Surfing Buddy, Pierre (Video)

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The other day I read a listicle.

It was from one of those luxury men’s publications. The ones with the whiskeys and the manscaping tutorials and the curious obsession with watches. (Turns out, a Rolex is still a status symbol, and I am less of a man for not owning one.)

The Best Podcasts of 2024, or something like that. I clicked. One of the featured podcasts was from comedian Daniel Tosh, and in the article, they wrote about his interview with his surfing friend, Pierre. Naturally, given my occupation, I had to listen.

Tosh, of Floridian descent, is a well-known surfer. And the guy he interviews is his surfing buddy, his neighbor, a suave, silver fox Frenchman. Apparently, the two live in the same neighborhood in Malibu, and they surf together often.

That’s the whole shtick of Tosh’s podcast – instead of interviewing fellow comedians or celebrities, like countless other podcasts out there, he talks with random people in his orbit. For instance, the first episode was with his wife’s gynecologist.

Anyway, Pierre and Tosh talk surf. It’s what their relationship revolves around. Like when they took a trip to Waco Surf:

“Waco…your surf pool. Pierre and I went there. You kinda messed up our reservation. But we’d love to come back, if you give us a ton of free time.”

(There’s also a clip Tosh surfing the pool; he’s a mid-face 360 kinda guy.)

Or their mutual love for surfing bad waves:

“We enjoy surfing almost more when it’s bad,” says Daniel, “because nobody’s out. We don’t ever like people to be near us in the water.”

“Yeah, we surf bad waves,” confirms Pierre.

It’s a decent listen. Check it out above. And look out for Pierre and Daniel next time you’re surfing Malibu; they’ll be the ones riding flimsy French soft-tops, and riding shitty waves somewhere down the beach, away from the crowds.


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