Comedian and content creator Gadiel Del Orbe draws inspiration from his Dominican background

Gadiel Del Orbe, a Dorminican-American comedian and content creator, finds inspiration for his viral moments in his Latino background.

Video Transcript

- New York Dominicans have impacted culture drastically, and I feel like we are people that are not seen as much.

[NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] I am Gadiel del Orbe. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] and a content creator, and I love what I do.

I served four years and a half in the Navy. I was an aircraft director on the aircraft carrier. I was, like, the thing in the crew that brought the New York Dominican-ness into the crew.

Comedy was always my thing. I was the class clown, and after I left the Navy, I started doing stand up. And then my ex-girlfriend was like, yo, you need to do some videos online. Like, let's do some videos. I started doing videos, and my career just blew up after that.

The type of stand that I do is, like, basically all about my life, my situation, my family, you know, the culture, like, my culture that I grew up in and how we are. I always proud of being who I am, always proud of where I come from, but my job and my mission is if I could spread that to other people, I know enthusiasm spreads.

I wanted to represent people that are hardly seen. You know, my stand up, my videos, everything is based on what comes from me, what identifies me. So I know if I create something identifies me, well, other people identify.