Comedian (and Chiefs Superfan) Rob Riggle Starring in First-Ever Interactive Super Bowl Ad for P&G

Andrea Wurzburger
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The Kansas City Chiefs are heading to the Super Bowl on Sunday and no one is more excited about it than actor Rob Riggle.

Riggle, who calls himself a Chiefs superfan, is over the moon about the team’s Super Bowl appearance. “I don’t know if I can verbalize it,” the Daily Show veteran and FOX NFL Sunday’s pre-game comedian told PEOPLE when asked how he’s feeling about his team going all the way.

The team’s last Super Bowl appearance was in 1970 against the Minnesota Vikings.

“Obviously it’s a lifelong dream, they’ve never been in my lifetime, so I’ve waited my whole life for this. It’s really fun, and I don’t think my feet have touched the ground since they won the AFC Championship, so I’m really happy,” Riggle — who grew up in Kansas and attended the University of Kansas — said.

And Riggle has yet another reason to celebrate this Sunday: he is starring in the Super Bowl’s first-ever interactive commercial.

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Starting Wednesday, Procter & Gamble is giving the viewers the opportunity to help create an ad that will air during the big game. Fans will be able to direct the action in real-time and select how they want to see actors like Riggle — who’s representing Bounty, the Quicker Picker Upper — Sofia Vergara, and Busy Phillips, tackle a messy surprise at a Super Bowl party.

“The fact that America gets to weigh in and have a voice in how this thing is going to be completed is actually kind of cool,” Riggle said of the commercial, “So it’s always nice to have some sort of fresh offering when it comes to a Super Bowl spot, and I think this is it.”

And he’s ready to leave it up to the fans: “I don’t think you can go wrong here.”

Others who make appearances in the commercial include Troy Polamalu, Isaiah Mustafa and Vergara’s son Manolo Vergara. Bounty, Mr. Clean, Febreze, Olay, Charmin, Head & Shoulders, and Old Spice are all represented, making for one mega-advertisement. After the viewers have their say in which scenes make the cut, the ad will be created just minutes before it airs during the big game’s fourth quarter.

The commercial is bound to be the cherry on top of a great weekend for Riggle, who is heading to Miami for the Super Bowl. Riggle gets to not only watch the Chiefs compete, but comment on the pregame for FOX NFL.

The most exciting part for Riggle, though, will be repping his team, he said.

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“I’ve been waiting a long time to wear my Chiefs stuff and actually have the Chiefs in the game,” he said. “I’ve gone to like five Super Bowls and I always wear my Chiefs jersey no matter what Super Bowl. People stare at me like, ‘What are you doing?’ And I’m like, ‘Hey, this is my team. It’s your Super Bowl, but this is my team.’ And this year I get to wear the Chiefs jersey and actually have the Chiefs in the Super Bowl so it’s super special.”

Riggle’s love for the Chiefs runs deep, and he is starting to share it with his son, George. One of his favorite memories of being a lifelong fan came only a few weeks ago when he was at a game against the Texans that seemed like a total lost cause.

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“I was there with my son and he’s obviously getting upset and sad, and I’m trying to talk to him and say, ‘Hey, there’s a lot of game left. Let’s hang in there. It’s not over. These guys are good, they’re going to fight back. And all the bad breaks that happened to us, they can happen to the other team just as easily, so let’s not give up,’ ” he explained to PEOPLE.

“It was almost a pep talk for me as well,” Riggle admitted, “And then all of a sudden, they did! They turned it around, they came back. And it was the biggest comeback in Chiefs history. It was just such a special thing that I got to share with my son, and he looked at me out at the end of the game, was like, ‘Wow, you were right.’ And I went, ‘See? Huh? That’s why you got to go it’s not over till it’s over.’ So it was kind of a neat lesson. And it was just a really special thing that he and I will always share.”

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