College student stunned by professor’s ‘ridiculous’ cheating accusation: ‘Creating your own study material isn’t cheating’

A college student was accused of cheating after they came up with a savvy study method.

They took to Reddit’s “College” forum for advice on the situation. The student figured out that their final exam would be the same questions from previous pop quizzes. So they studied the old quizzes and got a perfect score on the test. Then their teacher accused them of cheating.

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“Had a class over this term with a professor who wasn’t the best and I could tell that he didn’t really care about teaching his class,” the student wrote. “We had a 10 multiple choice question quiz once a week in place of tests that were based on short readings from various web pages that he would give us. I was sitting at a high B and really wanted an A in the class. The week before the final he told us that the test would be based on the readings he gave us.”

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“Based on how short they were and the fact that I have had other bad professors do the same thing, I assumed he was just going to reuse quiz questions on the final. Rather than studying normally I dug through my old quizzes and made a document with every question and correct answer. Over the course of a few evenings, I studied the paper as much as I could and got to the point where I had memorized the answer to all 90 questions.”

The college student was pleased to learn that their assumptions were correct when they took the test.

“Last Friday I showed up to take my exam,” the student said. “I was absolutely stoked to see that the first question was the first question from quiz one. I answered it quickly and started to scan the page and realized that the final was every quiz question (with some removed to make the test 50 questions) in chronological order. It took me about 10 minutes to finish the exam. Fast forward to today and instead of getting a grade, I got an email asking for me to come to my professor’s office.”

“When I got there he sat me down and said that he found it hard to believe that a student who struggled to get a low B on his quizzes throughout the term could be the only student to get a 100% in 10 minutes. I told him that I assumed he was going to reuse questions on the final and that I just studied old quizzes and he seemed to get a little frustrated and told me that using test banks can be considered academic dishonesty and that he may have to elevate this further.”

Redditors were on the student’s side.

“Creating your OWN study material isn’t cheating,” a user wrote.

“They did their part and studied. It’s ridiculous [to] want OP to modify their perfectly fine behavior to make their professor more comfortable,” another said.

“Nothing wrong with studying old quizzes,” someone commented.

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